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Thoughtful Insight, Fred Style

My friend and Pastor, Fred Prince, is a wonderful teacher and calls it as he sees it. Here’s a quote about authentic worship and why we go to church. Catch his wonderful stories and nail-on-the-head blog at

I have found that personally I have to stand guard against a consumer mentality when I come to church.  I have to guard against the idea that I come to get.  I have to guard against simply wanting what I want and if I don’t feel a certain way, or hear what I want, or if things don’t go the way I planned, then I want to judge whether the presence of God was here or not.
The presence of the Living Word is always present when the Written Word is preached; whenever through the Written Word the Living Word is lifted high He is present and I should have one response – authentic worship.
It seems like such a simple question, “Why do I come to church?”  I’m going to make effort to make sure when I come to church I come to worship, how about you?


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