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Just Fluff over Michael Jackson

I know this won’t be popular, but hear me out.  MJ was the King of Pop and a music innovator.  Thriller, Billy Jean, Bad, I’ll Be There, et al are staples of the dance floors among 20-somethings to 50-somethings in America.  He created MTV and a new generation of music lovers.  Some have called him the new Fred Astaire, and I concur.  But the 80’s ended and the weirdness of the 90’s continued into the 21st century.  Michael’s strange habits (becoming ‘white’, looking like Diana Ross, Neverland, sleeping arrangements, family ties…) and financial woes became more erratic and ‘graced’ the covers of more rags the lower he went.

That the world is so enamoured with the man that every station and cable show is covering the memorial is just weird.  If you loved his music, play some and enjoy it!  There’s no question of his talent in that arena.  But to mourn him like a dear friend who changed your life is just crazy.  He was nutty and most probably psychologically damaged.  My heart goes out to the man because of the immense pain he must have lived with.  But such devotion to an entertainer is simply idolatry, which begs the issue: what issues are we ignoring while our minds are distracted on the MJ’s, Perez Hiltons and other Fluffies of the world?  Look at the magazine covers and tell me if they show a true picture of the world, or just the vapid space between the ears of the average 16-year-old?


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  1. I hear ya. I have been disgusted at the media overdoing this MJ stuff. I’m sad he’s gone (sadder still that he’s not in heaven), but enough is enough. Everyone plays it up because he’s gone, saying how much he’s changed everyone’s lives. But what are the real issues that are being ignored because of the media hype?

    Comment by Rachel C-H | July 11, 2009 | Reply

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