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The Left’s imperious, intolerant persona

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, whose bilious hatred of conservatives and Republicans oozes from every proverbial pore of his spirit, had some interesting things to say yesterday about these objects of his daily derision. Specifically, he cited conservatives’ “pervasive immorality and holier-than-thou hypocrisy” as the wellspring of “the reeking pile of manure that is the right wing media and right wing commentary.”

“The right wing,” Olbermann added, “thinks that the only thing that might ever interest a voter about a woman is sex”—an assertion that led him to conclude, quite logically, that such primitive sexism “certainly would explain why the GOP nominated Sarah Palin for the vice presidency when she had not a single qualification for the job besides the ability to wink.”

And, for good measure, Olbermann characterized conservative columnist Ann Coulter as “putrid” and “evil.”

Such ugly ad hominem attacks are standard fare for Olbermann, who can scarcely conceive of the notion that any person of good will, decent character, or sound intellect could possibly disagree with his (Olbermann’s) presumably self-evident worldview. In Olbermann’s calculus, only malicious, immoral buffoons could even dream of embracing the tenets of conservatism or rejecting the leftist agendas of today’s Democratic Party

Olbermann is, quite simply, the angry, glib, smug, imperious, and intolerant personification of leftism.



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