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What YOU Can DO about Obamacare NOW

tea party graphicWe are in for what may very well be the most important political fight of our lifetime.  And we mean lifetime literally.  In the future, our very lives may depend on our actions today. 

You probably know at least 1 person who has had an abnormal medical test.  Maybe you have had it yourself.  Maybe it was a family member or a loved one.  After that first abnormal test, the doctor usually schedules more tests, maybe refers you to a specialist, and works to determine what the diagnosis is.  Waiting for those tests and the results can feel like the longest wait in the world.  You worry that something is wrong. You hope that nothing is wrong.  You think, “Is it serious?  Do I have cancer or some other terrible disease?  Is it malignant?  Maybe it will be benign.  Maybe the doctors are wrong.”  You wait.  And you worry.  Luckily, in our health care system today in America, that wait is only days or maybe a couple of weeks.  And, if the diagnosis is serious and requires further treatment, doctors work to treat your problem right away. 

Imagine if that wait were months and months long.  Imagine if some government bureaucrat said, “You will have to wait for 4 months until we have the time and doctors to treat you.”  Imagine that few days or weeks turning to months.  What if the problem were serious?  What if the wait time caused you to miss your treatment window?  What if it were your mom? Your spouse?  Your child?  This happened to Shona Holmes.  A couple of weeks ago, Amy Kremer and I had the privilege to meet Shona Holmes and hear her story first hand.  Had Shona waited for her nationalized health care in Canada to actually diagnose and treat her, she would have died.  Click here to watch her story on Patients United Now and her Fox News Interview

The liberal tax and spend politicians want to takeover our health care.  They want control not just of our wallets but also our very lives.  These politicians realize what is at stake.  If the bill passes, bureaucrats in Washington will determine when you can see a doctor, which doctor you can see, and whether or not you can actually have treatment.  Is this what you want?  Are you going to let politicians takeover your health care? 

The bill that will allow the government to takeover our health care was introduced today.  It is 1,018 pages long.  The politicians know that if you have time to read the bill you will not want it.  They are not willing to allow honest debate and honest review of amendments.  Speaker Pelosi and the House of Representatives are trying to rush passage of this bill, this one thousand eighteen page bill, by the time they go on summer vacation on July 31.

Are you willing to fight for control of your personal health care?  Do you want the government to takeover your health care? 

The heat is on!  It is make or break time. 

If you do not want the government to take control of your physical well being in addition to your wallets, then you must act.  We must act quickly, decisively, and relentlessly.  Here is what you can do: 

1.  Attend the Tea Party Patriots Health Care Freedom Protest in your area.  Take an hour off of work.  Are your health care and the physical well being of your family members important enough to you to spend an hour making sure your voice is heard?  While you are there, we need you to do 3 things:  sign the Free Our Health Care Now Petition, Sign the Letter to your Representative or Senator and hand deliver it to their office, and hold your signs opposing government takeover of your health care.

2.  On Monday, July 20, call every single Blue Dog Democrat, those are Democrats who say they are fiscally conservative, (click here for list and phone numbers).  Record your answers in this form (click for the form). We want to keep up with the number of calls, emails, and faxes that are made into Congress.
3.  Be prepared to make more phone calls next week.

Have a little more time?  Want to do a little more?  –  Forward this message to everyone in your list.  Ask them to take these actions as well.  Make phone calls to your friends and family to make sure they understand what is at stake.

Really want to go a little further?  Have the time to make a large commitment to keeping control of your health care? – Print the Free Our Health Care Now Petition.  Now, take that petition and walk up and down your street asking your neighbors to sign it.  Ask them if they will print the letter and email it to their elected officials.  If they are passionate, then forward this email to them and ask them to call each and every Blue Dog Democrat.


Jenny Beth Martin on behalf of
Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team
Jenny Beth Martin, (404-326-0936)
Amy Kremer, (678-495-8271)
Mark Meckler,
Rob Neppell,

NOTE: There is the probability when some of you will receive this message some of the information will be outdated. This is due to the way Constant Contact must stage emails to ensure their customers are not spammers.  Since we are adding such a large volume of contacts on a regular basis, it takes awhile to run the email. We will keep our Health Care Page updated as to when the bill passes through each committee.


Letter to Your Elected Officials on Capitol Hill

(Note:  This is an example — change this up a bit and add your own words.  Boilerplate letters don’t carry much weight!)

Dear Representative ___________ and Senators______________,
As your constituent, a fellow American, and citizen of your state, I am writing to ask you to vote against any bill that will give the government increased control over healthcare and will lead to nationalized health care in the United States. 
The documented accounts of rationing of medical services, long wait line for diagnosis and then longer wait lines for treatment, and inferior medical care cannot be ignored.  In America, while our health care system may not perfect, we are able to choose our doctors, the doctors determine the best course of treatment for their patients, and there is no rationing of medical services.  Additionally, in America, uninsured patients cannot be denied treatment in public hospital emergency rooms, so those uninsured patients are able to get the treatment they need in a timely manner.
If you insist on voting for government politicians to take over my health care, I implore you to do 4 things:

Promise and commit to change your health insurance and your immediate family members’ health insurance to the new government run program.

Promise and sign the pledge to read the bill and allow public input on the final bill for a minimum of 72 hours before voting.

Guarantee you will vote against any bill that will lead to rationing of medical services, that will limit in any way the ability for a patient to choose his or her doctor, and that will cause longer wait times before diagnosis and before treatment.

Guarantee you will vote against any bill that will increase the cost of medical care through increased taxes, reduced competition of medical providers, reduced competition of private sector health insurance.

Will you make these four commitments to your voters and American taxpayers?  If you will not make these four commitments, why won’t you?  What stands in your way of making these promises to insure that the superior medical care in America is not compromised in anyway?  Why would you vote for a bill and then be unwilling to live by its consequences as an example to your constituents? 
Please answer these questions in a return mailing to me.  I eagerly await your reply as the future of my physical well being now seems to be in your hands.  Thank you!
Your Constituent

Tea Party Patriots


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  1. I just watched the Shona Holmes interview on YouTube, and read the follow-up comments.

    Apparently her type of cancer was NOT life-threatening, which is why a delay in treatment was planned.

    In contrast, a close friend of mine here in British Columbia, Canada, was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour, and was in the operating room almost immediately, and the outcome was successful.

    The health care system in Canada is NOT perfect. And our taxes are high (and getting higher: ). But, I’ll take what what we have, over what you presently have, any day, thanks.

    Good luck with the work on your reforms. I hope your decision, in the end, is based on rational thought and informed debate, rather than the kind of misinformation I just saw.

    A final comment: my friend with the life-threatening illness paid NOTHING for his treatment. How much did Ms. Holmes have to pay for hers?

    Comment by kevingooden | August 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Great post! I agree here. I hope that Republicans and moderate Democrats can force this thing to delay until after the August recess. That will give Americans a chance to really voice their opinions on what they think of all this. I just posted a blog with some polling data in it. The polls are confusing/contradictory- I’m surprised at how many people are open to the idea of a public health option based on my reading. But as I note in my post, I believe some key points of all polls point to an overwhelming rejection of the current plan being proposed.

    In addition to the fear you cite of having to wait for adequate care, there is also the fear that such care could be denied altogether. If you read some of the publications Tom Daschle and others who have worked on this for years have put out, they believe more central judgment may need to be used to determine whether certain illnesses are “worth” fighting, depending on age, type of illness, etc. They favor the establishment of a remorseless and dispassionate central agencies to monitor these things, issue edicts on care to doctors, and penalize those who fail to comply.

    Just makes me think, what planet are these guys from!? No way this flies with the average American.

    At any rate- keep up the good work!

    Comment by Stephen VanNuys | July 18, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks, Stephen, for your input and your research. Yeah, I want Tom Daschle et al making my health decisions like Seinfeld’s ‘Soup Nazi’: “You’re not worth it! No coverage for you!! Next.”

      Comment by Lisa | July 18, 2009 | Reply

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