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Clerical Dissidence?

Since the June 12 presidential election in Iran and the ensuing crack down on massive protests of election fraud, waves of arrests have continued and the religious leaders have taken notice.  They’ve notice the beatings, prison abuses and detainee deaths of protesters arrested and have sharply criticized Iran’s leadership, especially regarding upcoming trials of some protesters accused of sending images to the media.

Some spiritual leaders have rightly spoken out against abuses causing further wrinkles in the tapestry of the Islamic republic’s delicate weave.  Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri disparaged the order of supreme leader to close Kahrizak prison where at least one detainee was killed, “Can the government deceive people by closing a detention center and blaming all the faults on a building?” he said Wednesday. 

Was the regime of the shah able to resist the wave of dissatisfaction by using terror, oppression, censorship, torture, forced confessions and lying propaganda?*

Ayatollah Asadollah Bayat Zanjani was making his opinions known as well:

We are witnessing sorrowful acts committed in the name of the regime and under the banner of God that bring pain to the heart of all supports of the Islamic republic.

Both Montazeri and Zanjani, and two other clerics are among the “marajeh-e taqlid,”or “objects of emulation,” the highest theological rank in Shia Islam.  If they can use this powerful spiritual authority to garner support for political change, then we may start to see some reform and some let-up of the government.  Let us hope these men remain safe and that they can provide improved change for for Iran.

Spiritual leadership plays a strong part in Iranian life and politics.  Does it in yours?
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