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Dr. N”O” and Town Hall Democracy

Dr. N"O"

Dr. N"O"

If the majority of us don’t want what Obama is offering, then why do it?  Mark Levin says the President is “doing it to capture more power and take more liberty from the American people.”  This dissatisfaction is showing in Obama’s approval ratings as it comes down to 50%, lower than G.W. Bush at his 6-month period.  Fact.

Health care Town Halls have varying outcomes, all vociferous, some violent, some with sneeky advanced entry to those ‘favorable to legislation.’

All across the country Americans are coming out and demanding their voices be heard, but are the politicians listening? Glenn presents video of just some of the protests happening in city after city…  Full Story (Glenn Beck)

Also see pix of Tea Parties across America.  There’s no doubt here that more than ‘a handful’ of people are frustrated that our representatives are no longer representing our wishes!  Let’s see MSNBC  or CNN try to fake these.  Double dog dare ya.

Karl Rove discusses “the shift in public opinion against Obama’s health care proposals and blasts members of Congress for writing off public protests as organized and planned.  Karl casts these town halls in a positive light, calling them ‘an expression of American democracy.'”  This is an excellent video:

Critics Accuse White House of Playing ‘Big Brother’ in Health Care Debate:
The White House posted a blog Tuesday that asked supporters to report “fishy” information they come across about the health insurance debate. That plea for tips raised a slew of privacy questions. I thought we had First Amendment rights and that the President, as Commander in Chief, was supposed to uphold them???

White House Move to Collect ‘Fishy’ Info May Be Illegal, Critics Say
The White House has been under fire since posting a blog on Tuesday that asks supporters to e-mail any “fishy” information seen on the Web or received electronically.


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