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Open Left Exposes Obama’s “Verifiably Dishonest” Views on Single-Payer Prospects

Open Left Exposes Obama’s “Verifiably Dishonest” Views on Single-Payer Prospects
By Ellen Carmichael


According to a post by David Sirota published today on the blog “Open Left,” President Barack Obama offered conflicting statements regarding his intentions for health care reform for America.

Citing his piece appearing a few months ago on, Sirota explains that President Obama once proclaimed his support of a single-payer system of health care, where the country would shift to an entirely government-run program sponsored by tax dollars.

In that speech six years ago, Obama said the only reason single-payer proponents should tolerate delay is “because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.”

Now, he has his wish. The White House and Congress are currently controlled by the Democratic Party, which, according to then-Senator Barack Obama, is the key to achieving his goal of socializing medicine. However, just yesterday, President Obama asserted that his attempts at health care reform were not meant to create a single-payer system, adding that he never claimed to support it in the first place. 

“I have not said I am a single payer supporter.” – Barack Obama, 8/11/09

President Obama realizes that the elimination of private insurance is an immensely unpopular idea, but one could rightly assume that he was more honest about his far-Left ideologies as an Illinois state senator in 2003 than today, where the president is forced to reckon with the desires of mainstream Americans unsympathetic to his agenda. Now, he must mask his efforts to institute a single-payer system by promoting a “public option.”

A public option would, according to the White House and supporters of the legislation, create a state-sponsored insurance agency that would “compete” with the private sector to provide coverage for Americans. The public option would be funded by substantial tax hikes, and not just on those earning more than $250,000 a year (Americans for Tax Reform), making private insurance difficult, if not impossible, to afford for both individuals and their employers. Government’s sphere of influence would expand by increases in regulatory measures on insurers, ultimately crowding out the private sector and leading to a complete government overhaul of the health care industry.

Even President Obama’s biggest cheerleaders can identify when he is, according to Sirota, “lying and/or not at least explaining their broken promises.” While the blogger does support the president’s “health care efforts right now,” he claims he would not be supportive of any president who is untruthful with the American people. To make matters worse, President Obama sees no need to justify his previous or current statements regarding his aims for health care reform:

Obama has never really offered up an explanation for his about face on single payer, other than implying that it’s not politically realistic now – even though, again, back in 2003, he said it would be politically realistic when Democrats obtained the presidency and Congress.

This is what is most alarming. It appears that he considers himself beyond reproach, finding it unnecessary to acknowledge his own contradicting perspectives on an issue he seems to care about so deeply. President Obama is simply not held accountable for his statements made six short years ago, leaning instead on empty jargon and attacking his dissenters to distract from the truth of his proposals. For a man who has held four prime-time press conferences in the mere six-and-a-half months of his presidency, more than any of his predecessors in that time span, he has told Americans very little. 

And unfortunately for us, what he has said is obviously contrary to what he intends.


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