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Two Democratic Senators Lost

James Richardson posted some interesting polling data about the Arkansas Dem stats in Lincoln, Republican Challengers Tied in New Poll.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling which found incumbant Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas taking a more conservative bent while in competition with three Repubs challengers who have single-digit name recognition:  state Senator Gilbert Baker, Huckabee fundraiser Curtis Coleman and Harvard-educated lawyer and U.S. Army veteran Tom Cotton.

With Obama’s health care boondoggle fairing worse in the polls than 1994’s defeated Hillarycare, Lincoln must consider the ramifications of supporting  any factious legislation in a state whose voters gave Republican John McCain 59% of the vote.

What’s more, the hemorrhaging of Democratic support to wavering public opinion raises a serious dilemma for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and poses an acute challenge to the President’s legislative agenda, as Democrats today lost their filibuster-proof majority with the death of Senator Ted Kennedy.

Reid must accept the political reality that Lincoln, who previously bucked party leadership on the cap-and-trade legislation designed to reduce carbon emissions and the reauthorization of banking infusion, may be the next casualty in the polarized health care debate.

UPDATE: Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb responds:

“It’s obvious that Sen. Lincoln is vulnerable, and her approval rating of just 36% reflects the fact that she no longer represents the values of Arkansans.  It’s clear the people of Arkansas reject the liberal agenda she supports in Washington D.C.  Recent health care town halls have shown us that Arkansans want leaders who protect their interests, not control their lives.”

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