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Obamanation Cops: “It ain’t America no more”

The increasing number of seemingly ‘offhand’ encounters happening at public gatherings that appear to challenge First Amendment Rights is beginning to concern several of us here at the clueless headquarters.  Let me encourage you to actually READ the Constitution and the first 10 amendments (called the Bill of Rights) on my Constitution Project page, then you can link here.  That way, you’ll actually KNOW if and when your rights have been disregarded or trampled.

American Vision has been vigilant in keeping an eye posted on these ‘engagements’ and posted a vid on Facebook/YouTube this evening.  Essentially a school rent-a-cop is perturbed that the demonstrator has a sign with an unflattering picture of the president and tells him to put it down or risk arrest for trespass.  There are several problems with this, however, as the demonstrator reveals.  Please ignore the YouTube comments as they are irreverent and foul; but the comments on the AV Facebook site are in line with this blogger and probably what you’re used to.  Wakey, wakey, dear friend…

Be sure to send this on to your circle of influence and add it to your ‘education of friends’ file.


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