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Update-Internment Camps, Despotism, Internet

Obama’s need for a ‘civilian’ army (as powerful and well funded as the military) is starting to make more sense now.  We have thousands of foreign mercenaries here in this country now. He’s wanting to make a power grab for the internet “for our protection”…  Once our communicaton is cutoff, where will we go but to the streets.  The traditional military is pro-America and this domestic army will be trained to deal with them as well.  Then, of course, we’ll enjoy a complementary stay at one or more labor camps run by the unconstitutional FEMA.  Lemme know whem the biochips and forced vaccinations are happening so I can be sick that day.

Yes, folks, this IS real.  It IS coming.  You need to think about where you’ll be spending your eternity because there’s a 100% chance that you WILL die, whether now or later.

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

Camp FEMA – Giant Prison Grid

Secret Obama New World Order Fema Martial Law Concentration Camps in America 2009-2012


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