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Update Day – Education, Czar/MediaWatch

So Obama gave his little speech to the kiddos this morning and I must say it was pretty good.  Yes, I know, it had two questionable lines, but it was generally very positive and direct about their educational goals and personal responsibility.  Good job, Mr. President, and thank you for leaving politics as much out of your speech as possible!

See, I did say something positive about BO (!).

I’m pleased to report that there was more than just a general rumble nationwide of concerned parents who were paying attention and wanted to read the transcript before deciding whether to allow their children to view the video.  Thank you, and bravo, parents.  You are Patriots!


As far as the left reporting on the Van Jones departure (like that will be an accurate assessment), there are several articles about how they’ve either NOT reported it, like the NYT here, or here, or here.  The best is the first linked article by Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent for the Washington Examiner

Mr. York did a quick search on NEXIS for total words about the Van Jones controversy at about 11:30 am on Sept, 4th, and found NONE from these “news” sources:

  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • NBC
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • (CNN also had none on this date)

These are some of the main “news” channels in America and they chose to report – NOTHING about the communist who would oversee $30 billion taxpayer dollars and no knew about him but the leftists like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck?  C’mon, seriously.  The media are supposed to be the watch guards and have a responsibility to pure journalism (I guess I’m an old fashioned traditionalist – I can wish, anyway…).  Withholding information does untold damage considering how many people get their news from these sources.  They serve the propagandists, therefore we need to pressure them to either get it right or get out of the business, perhaps boycott their advertisers.  What an example of media malpractice!

Check out

Below, is a “comment” on an American Spectator article by Jeff Lord ( (again, much thanks to Atlas),

You don’t need to have read the article to get the truths in this response:

Grzmlyk| 9.4.09 @ 9:05AM

Wow. Mr. Lord, are YOU stuck in the dark ages or what? Very cute, your assuming any rules of decorum or tradition or respect for institutions still apply to presidential politics.

You think you are being SCANDALOUS by obliquely intimating that Obama might have – gasp – approved of a gangsta like Jones being in the White House? Hellooooooo! Obama WANTS people like this around him. It’s WHO OBAMA IS. Jones wasn’t approved in spite of his record; he was approved BECAUSE of it. Wake the hell up, you white-glove conservatives.

The rules ALL changed with the coronation of our first hip-hop president. Hip hop culture draws in no small measure from the thuggish conventions that were forged in America’s raw urban slums. It is the romanticizing – and lionization – of the ghetto’s Lord-of-the-Flies mentality vis a vis the mundane middle class decorum practiced by the pampered bourgeoisie. The Vanilla Drudges that comprise the “ancien regime” spend most of their time safely insulated in the protective bubble-wrap of dreary suburban values – values that are invariably scorned by rebellious youth, counter-cultural trendiness and, of course, the newly-ennobled gangstas, pimps and hoes themselves.

The hip-hop culture’s hallmark is a harsh, aggressive, rude style of in-your-face interaction, always punctuated by a crass materialism, a worship of instant gratification, an ostentatiously unapologetic avarice, and a bullying sense of entitlement that have been folded up neatly, given the stamp of “authenticity” and enshrined in our pop culture by our ever-so-wise children, “ageless” hipsters and, of course, “caring” liberals everywhere. And its impact on civility and the decorum that used to dictate dignified human interaction has been like hydrochloric acid on tender skin.

Lest I couch it in too much politically correct obfuscation, it’s about blacks “getting paid” by whites. It’s about the tribute white guilt pays to The Law of the Jungle because, of course, it is WE who are to blame for creating this zero-sum, primitive, parasitic, brutish mentality. I lived – barely – in NYC from ‘85 to ‘95. I used to go on long walks because I love the history and architecture of the city and, in my brazen youth, I often wandered into neighborhoods where, it was clear, a face like mine wasn’t welcome.

I was harassed in polarized Crown Heights. I was a victim of an attempted mugging at the ragged edges of Brooklyn Heights. I was chased out of the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was East New York. I was accosted at the subway in shabby Times Square at two in the morning, where the happenstance of a cop passing by may be the only thing that separated me from the morgue. I had my very first meal, just purchased at Arby’s, taken and eaten in right front of me on my very first day in New York, in the Dodge City that was Port Authority, where I arrived by bus from the bucolic confines of the Brandeis University graduate theater program. I was assaulted and mugged in my doorway near Prospect Park.


I am white. The perps in each case were black. We erstwhile bright-eyed Caucasian suburbanites who had descended on Gotham with dreams in our pockets bore our scrapes with mortality in the mean streets with not a little pride (there’s that reaction to bourgeois values again). Yet, whenever I had a new tale to tell, my harrowing narrative would invariably draw disinterested yawns from my white colleagues and impatient rolled eyes from my black acquaintances. Why? Well, aside from my colleagues’ secret envy at my having another badge of honor to polish and a new story to tell ad nauseum, it was the apotheosis of Ghetto Culture.

From my white friends, the most sympathetic responses I got were of the “karmic payback” variety (blacks just doing what our oppression forced them to do). From my black colleagues, it was simply the shoulder shrug of, hey, if a gazelle wanders into a lion’s hunting ground, it ain’t the lion’s fault if the gazelle becomes dinner.

And Van Jones personifies this mentality – and our tolerance of it – perfectly, no matter how much environmentalism, social justice, or well-tailored drapery he hides his ghetto ethic in. And the minimal cluck-clucking about what’s really behind his appointment proves that the tribute white guilt pays to thuggish black culture is, as ever, alive and well – as we see with Jeffrey Lord’s painstaking avoidance of – dare I say it, calling a spade a spade –and identifying what’s really going on with the Obama administration: It is the rise of the Hip Hop presidency. Even the ostensibly conservative Fox All-Stars Charles Krauthammer and Stephen Hayes delicately parse their responses to this travesty oh-so-equinanimously, airbrushing out the more thuggish aspects of Jones’s behavior and laughing off a lack of basic civility that you can bet would have had their panties in a bunch during the Bush era. Why, who cares about the death of decorum, of serious people taking serious approaches to serious problems? (Jones IS black, after all.) Why, their only quibble is that Jones was revealed to be a – gasp – “truther!”

Hey, Charles and Stephen: That should have been the last straw, not the first.

So I wouldn’t count on Van Jones being kicked unceremoniously to the curb. He’s a “playa,” after all, and as hip-hop teaches us, we are to “hate the game, but not the playa.” And even if he is jettisoned from the administration, there are many, many more brutish, unhinged thugs where he came from. Just as occurred with the Reign of Terror, it is the very rejection of tradition, decorum, rule of law, common sense and civility that are the fuel of the Obama revolution. Wake up, conservatives. 

Now, is there any question as to who our president is or what his agenda is about???


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