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More Recommendations to Avoid Flu

Thankfully, even the Huffpo is waking up to the dangers of piggy flu vaccine and alerting readers to how to combat the virus homeopathically.  Don’t forget to view previous posts here regarding treatment for vaccine toxicity in “Swine Pan(ic)demic?”  I’ve listed several articles at the end for your own research and knowledge base.  For those who have eyes to see…

Swine Flu: What To Do?
by Dr. Frank Lipman


Top 10 recommendations:

1) Optimize your vit D level

Adequate levels of Vitamin D are essential for our immune systems to function optimally. Unfortunately there are no significant dietary sources of Vitamin D, most of our intake comes from exposure to sunlight. If you live far from the equator, you simply don’t get enough sun through Fall and Winter to make all the vitamin D you need. So unless you supplement during this period, your innate immunity will be compromised. Vitamin D plays such a crucial role in so many aspects of your body’s functioning, that supplementing with it makes sense whether you decide to get the flu shot or not.

We know that influenza always gets worse during the winter months. Now there is good evidence to suggest that this is because as sunlight hours lessen during the winter, the people living in the northern hemisphere become vitamin D deficient and are susceptible to influenza infections of all kinds. Here’s a great article available at NIH pertaining to this topic.

There is also some evidence that supplementation with a sufficient amount of vitamin D can help to prevent the onset of a flu or cold.

The current recommendations from the Food and Nutrition Board of the U.S. Institute of Medicine: from 200 to 600 IU/day depending on one’s age, are way too low. These values were originally chosen because they were found to prevent osteomalacia (bone softening) and rickets. It is now recognized that vitamin D has many additional physiological functions, for which these levels are totally inadequate. A number of scientists are therefore calling for the Food and Nutrition Board in the U.S. and its counterparts abroad to reassess their current recommendations.

To optimize your vit D levels, you will need to

  • Take at least 2,000 IU of a Vitamin D3 supplement daily.
  • Get your 25 hydroxy Vitamin D level checked by your doctor (if that is not an option, you can self test your level with ZRT labs)

Although the current normal range is between 20 and 50ng/ml, this is much too low for optimal health. You want your level to be between 50 and 70ng/ml. This is the most important step you can take to prevent the flu!! It may require a number of months taking 5,000 to 10,000 IU of Vit D3 daily (especially during winter) under a doctor’s supervision, to optimize your blood level. Monitor your 25 hydroxy vitamin D status every 3 months until you are in the optimal range, then cut back to a maintenance dose of at least 2,000 IU a day.

2) Get adequate sleep, this is an indispensable requirement for a strong immune system.

3) Get adequate exercise, this keeps you robust.

4) Take actions to lower your stress levels

Do breathing exercises, meditate, practice yoga, spend time doing something that makes you happy. Feeling spent, overwhelmed, and/or mentally run down has a causal relationship to your physical health.

5) Wash your hands frequently but not excessively

It decreases your likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or other people. Be sure you don’t use antibacterial soap because of the risk of creating resistant bacteria. Rather use a simple chemical-free soap.

6) Avoid sugar and processed foods as they decrease your immune function dramatically.

7) Eat phytonutrient rich meals (lots of colorful salads and dark greens)

8) Eat lots of garlic, it works as a broad spectrum antibiotic.

9) Take a probiotic daily (look for one with 10-20 billion organisms).

A strong immune system relies heavily on having a strong foundation in the gut.

10) Keep a supply of antiviral herbal supplements on hand.

As opposed to antiviral drugs, antiviral herbs do not cause resistant strains because they are multifaceted and contain literally thousands of different medicinal compounds. Thus they are able to attack viruses with a full spectrum of synergistic substances. Andrographis, Olive leaf extract, Grapefruit seed extract and Elderberry extract, all have antiviral properties. Use one or a combination of some of them as a prophylactic measure, for ex.whenever you travel (airports) or enter a potentially compromised environment such as a large office, auditorium, stadium, theater etc.

And if you really want to go all out, here are 4 more tips:

11) Take 1-2 grams of fish oils daily, its beneficial for immune function.

12) Take 2 grams of Vitamin C daily, yes it does help.

13) Stock your home pharmacy with an immune building formula.

Look for one that contains Cordyceps and Astragulus. Take it throughout the flu season.

14) Keep homeopathic Oscillococcinum on hand

Take it at the earliest sign of a cold or flu. Early intervention is essential. If you are exposed to someone with the flu directly, you can take one dose twice a day for two days. You can also take one vial once a week throughout the winter, and two or three times a week during flu season, as a preventative measure.
Read more at:

More articles of interest:

Makers Of Vaccination Refuse To Take H1N1

Judge Napolitano on Forced Vaccinations in Massachusetts

Read more at:

“The pharmaceutical industry routinely bribes doctors and ghost writes articles about drugs in important medical journals, British MPs were told this week”

The most massive scientific frauds in medical history:

“Doctor says drug firms ghost write medical articles”

Merck Wrote Drug Studies for Doctors

“Doctors signed Merck’s Vioxx studies”,25197,25311725-5013871,00.html

Lilly ‘Ghostwrote’ Articles to Market Drug

Eli Lilly & Co. officials wrote medical journal studies about the antipsychotic Zyprexa and then asked doctors to put their names on the articles, a practice called “ghostwriting,” according to unsealed company files.


Mass-murder-attempt charges filed against UN and WHO re A/H1N1 virus

The practice of falsifying reports & studies has been going on way to long, not just here in America but everywhere.

Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History:

Surgeon accused of lying quits WU:

“Renowned scientific publisher Elsevier produced Merck-sponsored publications designed to look like independent scientific journals, with names such as “The Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine,” has led to some of the most far-reaching professional fallout from the trial. Elsevier disclosed six other phony “Australasian Journals” last week.”

The most massive scientific frauds in medical history:

Another most informative site no one should miss.


See all four of the top stories here & then see all the rest of the links to put in you bank of information. Your arsenal of knowledge that could help save “US” all if you do your part & share the important parts.


This 10 part video by Dr. David Ayoub at the Radio Liberty Conference in 2005 on H1N1, the swine flu shot, is going to raise your awareness to a level way beyond what you thought was & it’s going to really tee you off, too.

Very important links everyone should see.

Please pass them on to everyone you can.


That radical alternative medicine rag “The New York Times” just recommended the homeopathic treatment Arnica for relief of pain and cited studies demonstrating the efficacy.

Homeopathy has been used in Europe since developed in the 1700’s in Germany. It is available in chemists and drugstores throughout Europe, England and other countries, and is as well accepted abroad as herbal medicine. Like acupuncture, homeopathy works on a micro-energy basis that cannot be measured in terms of western medicine. But anyone who thinks that western science has all the answers to health, healing, or any other aspect of science has never studied the history and development of scientific theories–and the accompanying hubris of their adherents.

Used correctly, homeopathy can achieve astonishing results rapidly. Used incorrectly, there is no risk–not even to your pocket-book, as it is very inexpensive. Sounds like a perfect medicine.


good information including the history of vaccinations:

Loads of information:





How about some truth on the matter?

“The polio death rate was decreasing on its own before the vaccine was introduced, and there is no credible scientific evidence that the vaccine caused polio to disappear. Cases of polio increased after mass inoculations”

“The Polio Vaccine Causing Polio in Nigeria Children”

Donald Rumsfeld and Tamiflu:

Does it even make sense that shooting toxins in our bodies could do us good? Do you really think it doesn’t damage our immune systems & is what is actually responsible for the widespread disease that’s epidemic form throughout this nation?

Wake up! Scientists & doctors, past & present, have been trying to tell us the truth but you’re not listening.

That proof is plastered all over this thread & in many others so why keep up the charade?

“W.H.O.s in Charge”

Not for long;

Read more at:


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