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Only Sane Way to Stop Iran

Right now, thanks to hand wringing, stalling and Obamificating, the world sits on the brink of allowing a rogue nation to join the nuclear arsenal.  By allowing North Korea to bring its bomb online, this administration opened the deadly door to all others to produce their own.  Apparently China and Russia don’t seem to see it the same way as we do or else they don’t quite care.  One bomb, held by one despot, is enough to destroy the world’s way of life, if not life itself.

Thank you, President Obama, for this new hope and change in the terrifying new world of nuclear proliferation of rogue nations.

Instead of continuing to waste more time with talks that go nowhere and give the Iranians advantage, there are two things we need to consider.  The first we can do nothing about, but it is imperative we understand.

Ahmadinejad is as much an eschatological prophet as he is political president of Iran under the Ayatollah.  He believes that if he makes the world as bloody and horrible as possible now, which includes trying to destroy Israel and the US, he’ll help to usher in the 12th Imam, the Muhadib (Islam’s version of the second coming of Christ).  I’ve noticed these kinds of madmen referred to as “twelvers.”  For the US not to take this seriously would be a catastrophic mistake.  Why, then, are the Christian  and Jewish ‘prophets’ who continue to call on people to repent and seek God before it’s too late labeled “extremists” and “dangerous” by the US government, when the true devil is rampant in Iran and ignored?  Whose truth is Obama, et al, listening to???  Makes one wonder about the real agenda.

The only real option is to block Iranian imports of refined gasoline.  They have loads of oil in the ground and pumps to get at it, but few refineries and import about 40% of their gas needs.  With the current state of unrest in Iran, the US Navy, by itself, could cut off all seaward deliveries of gasoline to Iran.  It’s not feasible to transport huge amounts of gas overland, so we cannot expect Russia to be able to fill the gap.

Listen to Orde Kittre, Professor of Law at Arizona State University, from November 2008.  He made the suggestion that cutting gas imports could force peace with Iran back then.

Former President Bush didn’t converse with other nations about a possible blockade, to my knowledge. 

Look at this video from 4/26/07, 10/30/07, 11/26/07 and 4/16/08  in which candidate Obama is debating and sounding strong against allowing proliferaters.  My, how he breaks all his promises.

The current state of “non-affairs” obviously mocks Obama’s media rhetoric about “a world without nuclear weapons”.  The threat of a global war is imminent and President Obama has to get off his hands and decide to use the navy to block the Persian Gulf.  That is, if this isn’t another “WMD in Iraq” situation.


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