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Get a clue & wake up! The best way to lead a nation astray of its values is to keep it ignorant of its history.

Treasonous Terrorists-For-Video Swap

Atlas has gotten the best again of the news outlets on this one, folks.  If you had any doubts as to former President Jimmy Carter’s allegiances, this’ll clear things up a whole lot…

Jimmy Carter Engineered Muslim-Terrorists-For-Video Swap

Carter loves Hamas










“What’s with the free pass for the execrable Jimmy Carter? He belongs on the US State Department list of known terrorists. This *** is advising violent and bloodthirsty jihadis on what price to exact for the kidnapped?

This is unconscionable. Think about it. A former US president trafficking in human flesh for Islamic terror… [emph. mine]

What a piece of human filth. He should be shunned like a racist that he is.”

Report: Carter Engineered Terrorists-For-Video Swap 

( Former United States President Jimmy Carter played an active role in the Israel-Hamas exchange last week in which Israel released 20 female terrorists in exchange for a short video [emphasis mine and throughout-getdclu] of hostage soldier Gilad Shalit. Carter’s involvement was revealed by senior Hamas terrorist Mahmoud A-Zahar in an interview with the Arab-language daily Al-Kuds al-Arabi.

While current U.S. politicians do not speak to Hamas, which is recognized internationally as a terrorist group, Carter has had frequent contact with the group as a private citizen. He has met with Hamas’s Gaza head, Ismail Haniyeh, and its foreign leader, Khaled Mashaal.

In December of 2008 Carter met with Mashaal and advised him on the price to demand in exchange for Shalit [whose side is this guy on?!!!]. Carter has also met with Shalit’s family, and in a visit during June 2009, reported that he had delivered a letter from them to Hamas to give to the captive soldier [did it ever get to Gilad?].

Kenny sent the story, his only comment regarding Mr. Carter:

“……and the horse he rode in on.”

This author couldn’t agree more.  Interesting that Carter’s travels aren’t curtailed by our government’s ruling bodies.  How convenient.

Treason is partially defined as the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government.  If the shoe fits, find it and throw it in prison!


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