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Swine flu vaccine victims encouraged to post side effects on new website

Swine flu vaccine victims encouraged to post reports of side effects on

Tuesday, October 06, 2009 by: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) As the swine flu vaccination campaigns begin sweeping across America, NaturalNews has created a new website where victims of swine flu vaccine side effects can post their true stories about what happened to them or their children. The website is www.SwineFluVaccineReport.comand it was created by NaturalNews editor Mike Adams for the simple purpose of “shedding light” on the potential side effects of the swine flu vaccine.

Anyone can post on the site. All posts are moderated, so it takes some time for new posts to be approved. Any posts that appear to be fictitious will be deleted.

“This website gives swine flu vaccine sufferers an opportunity to share their true stories with the world,” said Mike Adams

“While vaccine manufacturers are trying to censor the truth about the dangers of their vaccines, we are working to serve the public interest by openly revealing the truth about how these vaccines are impacting real people.”

Adams is on the record saying that the swine flu vaccines are likely more dangerous than the swine flu itself. The extremely mild nature of H1N1 influenza, combined with the increasing reports of seizures and deaths from cervical cancer vaccines, leads many people to be openly concerned about the risk / reward ratio of swine flu vaccination.

“There is no medically justifiable reason to be vaccinated against such a mild flu,” says Adams. “This vaccine is clearly being pushed solely as a revenue generator for the pharmaceutical companies, not as a serious effort to protect public health.”

The risk of being harmed by almost any flu can be substantially reduced through sufficient vitamin D intake and nutritional support. “Influenza strikes us in the winter months because that’s when the population is seriously deficient in vitamin D,” Adams explains. “Vitamin D intake, all by itself, is far more effective at halting the spread of influenza than any vaccine.” /

There are several articles on this site worthy of perusing:

Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media
Ten Things You’re Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine
Why Millions of Americans Don’t Need a Swine Flu Vaccine

Vaccines cause autism: Supporting evidence
Teen girl suffers permanent brain damage after cervical cancer vaccine

There are many noteworthy info sites for you to research regarding the problems with the flu and swine flu vaccines, many of which I’ve listed in previous posts on this blog.  I’ll enumerate some of them here for your convenience.  I suggest following the links to several flyers and printing them to show family and friends.

 These are from

Swine Flu Vaccine Flyers

Swine Flu Vaccine Brochures

More Links


The Jane Burgermeister website – investigating the swine flu pandemic


Feel free to add info sites via comments for others to use.

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