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On October 26th, I received in my inbox an update on the health care debate from Robert Romano, Senior News Editor at Americans for Limited Government.  His message is printed below.  More importantly, however, is a Special Report for your downloading pleasure, with a view of the Obama Administration covering the First Amendment, Economy, Raciality, Security and weather he knows what he is doing (he does!). 

In all of this (this being what I’ve surmised the last few months) I have learned that the President has been a part of this plan from before the election, his radical associations have been just what he wanted and socialism is the least of our worries as we plumment deeper into economic and social chaos.  IMHO, just as Mein Kompf was Hitler’s plan of attack, so is Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to Obama. Lovers of Liberty must respond NOW, en masse and loudly.

Here’s the update from ALG:

Harry Reid still does not have the votes needed to pass ObamaCare–with or without the so-called “public option.”  So reports Politico, “Leadership sources tell me that Reid, who spoke with virtually every member of his 60-member caucus this weekend, currently has between 56 and 57 votes for the opt-out, which is being pushed by Sen. Charles Schumer, according to Democratic aides. A public option with a delayed ‘trigger’ — supported by the White House and Maine Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe — has between 58 and 59 backers. It could be floated as an alternative if the opt-out measure fails to obtain the 60 votes needed for cloture, sources said.”
That means on the Senate side, the pressure needs to stay on.  This is where the rubber meets the road!
Overall, let’s keep those emails moving out on Capwiz to keep up the oppostion to ObamaCare! These votes may occur as early as this week if Reid & Co. can find the votes.  We have to make sure they never do!

Here’s the Target 92 list on the House side to all vulnerable and Blue Dog Democrats.  Blue Dogs are in blue. Here’s the .xls and .pdf versions.  Of note, the first 40 on the list are the Blue Dogs that signed the “deficit-neutral” letter mentioned above.  Everything you need to email their staff, write letters, make phone calls and send faxes, both to their district and Capitol Hill offices.

And we have to keep calling out to the House and to the Senate in general. Of course, you can also reach them via the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

In today’s special edition of the Liberty Action Report, ALG President Bill Wilson provides an in-depth analysis of the Obama Regime and its many failures.

Please send your letters to the editor at We publish all points of view! Today, Ted Devol writes in response to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup donating big dollars to Big Government candidates, “Get the hell out! So we are limiting executives pay but these same companies can pay out millions in campain contributions. Get the hell out. Are these dirty stinking piles of **** un-stinking-believable?”

Boy, you said it.  Not only that, but since they were top bailout firms, and the money is fungible, it is highly likely tax dollars wound up back in the pockets of the politicians who voted for the bailout in the first place.

This is the sort of crony corporatism we have to do away with.  Once government starts picking winners and losers in the markets, market participants invariably look to make sure they are chosen to be the winners–by paying off the right people.
Keep fighting! This is where we can turn back the growing red tide of socialism.

P.S. Want to help us keep fighting? Help us out with a small donation today! Or mail it to: Americans for Limited Government, 9900 Main Street, Suite 303, Fairfax, VA 22031.

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Special Report: A Clear-Eyed View of the Obama Regime
An interim review of the Obama Administration with an in-depth analysis from ALG President Bill Wilson.

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