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Get a clue & wake up! The best way to lead a nation astray of its values is to keep it ignorant of its history.

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Spiritual battles going on, folks.  We know we are way over our heads and fighting His battle.  It has to be fought God’s way and we need to stop fighting each other and come together.  PRAY.  Gain Conservative control of the GOP.  “Guard your hearts and minds…”  “Do not be afraid.”  Fear is due to a lack of faith.  Remember that we don’t fight against flesh and blod, but with principalities…  The Dems aren’t our enemies!  FOCUS.

Remember what happened in NJ & VA — sound conservative principles will serve Conservative Principals well!  Stay True!  Bobby Jindal’s LA is successful!  You can do it and we will support you!

Thanks to JimmyZ:

Show Notes • Linkage • Audio/Video
Dick Morris: Ft. Hood attack was terrorism
Telegraph UK: Fort Hood gunman had told US military colleagues that infidels should die
Fox News: Lieberman announces Senate investigation into Fort Hood shooting
YouTube: Senator Lieberman on Fox News Sunday
WND: Muslims say ‘America’s chickens have come home to roost’
Rush Limbaugh homepage
Main Justice: House panel backs Patriot Act amendment that removes ‘lone wolf’ provision
NY Daily News: Fort Hood gunman Hasan tried to contact Al Qaeda and US intelligence knew
YouTube: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters with Bill O’Reilly
AP: Homeland chief warns against anti-Muslim backlash
Right Pundits: Bush visits Fort Hood, Obama to Camp David
Fox News: George W. Bush secretly visits Fort Hood victims
NY Times: Bounce back in Westchester in Nassau
NY Post: GOP senators claim ObamaCare legislation is DOA
AP: House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate
CNS News: Democrat who voted ‘no’ says the bill will ultimately lead to single-payer system
YouTube: Abby Johnson with Mike Huckabee
YouTube: Joe Lieberman says he will not allow the current bill to come to a final vote
Facebook: Sarah Palin’s piece on Pelosi’s health care bill
The Gouverneur Times: Owens breaks 4 campaign pledges in first hour
Michelle Malkin: What GOP Rep. Cao got from Obama
Dick Morris: ObamaCare endorsements, what the bribes were Blue Dog coalition members Final vote results for health care bill
The Jimmy Z Show Blog: Blue Dogs (& contact info listed) who voted for health care bill

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Quick Updates:

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