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Where’s Walbama?

I’m no lover of President Obama, as has been obvious from previous posts, but I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt if at all possible.  But missing the 20th anniversary ceremonies at the Berlin Wall, and his imperceptibly slow decisions regarding Afghanistan are absolutely and outrageously illogical.

Berlin 20th Anniv of Wall's Fall-Brit PM Gordon Brown, Fr Pres Nicolas Sarkozy, Germ Chancellor Angela Merkel, Rus Pres Dmitry Medvedev, Germ Pres Horst Koehler & Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit

Berlin 20th Anniv of Wall's Fall-Brit PM Gordon Brown, Fr Pres Nicolas Sarkozy, Germ Chancellor Angela Merkel, Rus Pres Dmitry Medvedev, Germ Pres Horst Koehler & Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit

Rational thinkers would at least succumb to historical precedence (if not honor!) to be among those photographed at the Brandenburg Gate twenty years after the wall came tumbling down.  Was this so difficult a task for a narcissist because of his huge Reagan intimidation complex?  Word of advice: the world is bigger than you are, sir.  And no one’s cares how “busy” your schedule was.  So in this instance because Sarcozy was not blind to the reality of the world and is indeed a gentleman, even the French have a better understanding of foreign affairs.

But the illogical decisions don’t end with the European theatre.  Our’s is such a small world in this ‘globalist’ economy…  our leader has displayed an embarrassing void of leadership and “[c]ampaigning is still getting in the way of leadership” (Warren).  In Afghanistan, Obama has been unable, or unwilling, to make critical defense decisions, as is evidenced by the the four-month lag time between General Stanley McChrystal’s urgent request for more troops and yesterday’s monumental world anniversary.

When our president and his administration go to war against the former administration and Fox News channel, but do not give our generals on the ground the troops that they need to win the war, something is definitely amiss. Instead of a trip to Dover Air Force Base to greet the dead coming home, Obama should send more troops to Afghanistan to protect them from dying. (Norris)

Instead of a “McChrystal light” alternative that is based upon partisan preferences and a delayed political move to force a Nov. 7 Afghan re-election, Obama should provide immediate and complete compliance to our generals’ expert analysis and requests that is based upon the protection of our troops and the success of the mission. So much for Obama’s campaign promise, “I will make the fight against al-Qaida and the Taliban the top priority that it should be.” President Obama, stop riding the fence!  (Norris)

Since it’s apparent we’re not getting off this merry-go-round anytime soon, we might as well enjoy the ride…  Barry Farber’s take is droll enough to crack a smile on even the most hardened skeptic, so think about what you’re going to do to help the troops for the holidays (see Chuck Norris’ article below for one option) and read on, McDuff, read on…

Can you imagine what that does to the pro-democracy – and unashamedly pro-American – elements inside Iran? It’s like survivors on a life raft in the ocean, who see a scout plane and yell and wave and pray – but the plane fails to see them and drones on out of sight. And has America’s willingness to “shake your hand if you unclench your fist” had any better results with North Korea? The naïveté of Barack Obama is manufacturing contempt for America like North Carolina manufactures cigarettes.

Where might we find an American diplomatic success? Newspapers in Poland and the Czech Republic are cussing us out for our “Yalta” encore in scrapping the missile shield, a concession to Russia for which we got zero in return. Pakistan, with its nuclear arsenal within grabbing distance of al-Qaida and the Taliban, is an elephant dangling over a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy. Wasn’t there supposed to be a success somewhere? Afghanistan? The Olympics, maybe? Honduras? Has this president ever uttered the word “Darfur”?


Obama is not the first president who has led us poorly. He’s merely the first who has led us so predictably poorly.

A final proverb, this one Greek, tells us, “If you want to see wolves, act like a sheep.”

The president’s report card reminds us of the hapless student who had to show his parents the dismal printout of four F’s and one D. His excuse was that he’d been spending all his time on one subject.

And that must have been “Advanced Apology.”




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In Defense of a Pathetic Presidency by Barry Farber (WND) – very amusing!


Where's Walbama?: 

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  1. Rational,and obama in the same paragraph..? Come on Hon..!

    Comment by Patrick Sperry | November 10, 2009 | Reply

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