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It’s Been A Year since the election

Happy anniversary Mr. President.  Here’s what you’ve accomplished since the election.  Thanks to Steve Land of Da Free for these vids and commentary.

Chris Wallace interviewed Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday, November 1st. This is part 1 of 3.

Wallace asked Rush what he thinks Barack Obama has done for or to the country. Rush responded that there has been no “for” up to this point. Rush claimed that no one with any economic literacy would do what the Obama administration is doing if they wanted to help the economy.

Rush discussed winning in Afghanistan. Wallace also asks Rush about the success of Glenn Beck.

In discussing what the Republican party lacks, Rush talked about its direction:

If it goes country-club blue-blood moderate, it’s gonna lose.  If it goes Reagan-conservative and commits to it, it’ll win landslides…  It needs a central Republican leader to turn to and a central Republican message…  [I couldn’t agree more—big tent, man!]

In part 2 of 3 of Chris Wallace’s interview with Rush Limbaugh, he asked Rush about healthcare reform. Rush said that it’s an attempt by the government to steal 1/6 of the private sector economy and take control. Once they get control of healthcare, they will be able to make more decisions about how we run our lives.

Rush does not think individual mandates, forcing Americans to purchase health insurance, is constitutional.

Wallace also asked him about his statement that going to drug rehab was the best thing that ever happened to him.

This is the final part of Chris Wallace’s interview with Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday.

Rush talked about his bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams NFL Franchise, Roger Goodell’s comments, and the smear campaign by the director of the NFL player’s association, an Obama supporter.

Rush calls Joe Biden a pompous windbag that’s wrong on just about everything.

Rush does not concur with the mainstream media conventional wisdom on Sarah Palin. He believes Palin is ready to be President and that she has withstood what other politicians could not. [agreed again]

Wallace also asked Rush if he is worth $400 million dollars. Rush said that he could be, and he could be worth even more. Rush earns a percentage of what this show generates.

It's Been A Year since the election:

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