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Politics As Usual In the IL GUBE Race

Yesterday, I received a press release from Dan Proft about Andy McKenna’s use of his party chairmanship to boost his own campaign.  Today, the ILGOP launched an ethics probe into Andy McKenna’s use of the chairmanship ( ).

Using party money to finance a “statewide run” poll without public accountability to advance his own political position is just what Illinois career politicians do and what Conservative voters are tired of!  Fellow party members, some who had already commented on their upcoming gubernatorial campaigns to the chairman (per Proft), knew nothing of this poll and likely would not have approved it.

Conflict of interest should be the middle name of IL politics-as-usual.  We’re all for a new way of doing it here, downstate.  As Dan Proft says, “’Illinois Isn’t Broken.  It’s Fixed.’  In other words, the fix is in for the political class and their functionaries in state government.  Our challenge and opportunity is to “un-fix” the big-ticket systems in Springfield such that they serve the people who play by the rules in Illinois and advance their quality of life interests.  However, before we can “un-fix” Illinois, we have to “un-fix” the Illinois Republican Party.   Our ability to do both will be directly dependent on our GOP nominees this election cycle, beginning with our candidate for Governor.  The decisions GOP primary voters make on February 2 will determine if our party and our state can be salvaged.”

That sounds like change I can believe in, don’t you?

McKenna target of ethics probe?
Michael Sneed talks about this issue in the Sun-Times

Proft releases April 2009 IL GOP poll including McKenna’s name
Chicago Daily Observer, from RSS of Illinois Review

Illinois Review told Proft if the IL GOP members’ dues and donations paid for the survey, they have a right to see the figures under the dedacted portions of the pages.  Proft did not reply.

I’ll – getdclu  – email Dan to see if he’ll respond and will update later…

I look forward to a polite response from candidate McKenna.

Attachment:  McKenna Survey – ILGOP survey conducted by the Tarrance Group

Politics As Usual In the IL GUBE Race: 

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