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Update – Politics As Usual

I emailed back and forth with Dan Proft personally today to get some clarity on the issue of thousands of people leaving Illinois due to high taxes, poor education and bad business practices—all the usual bad politics.  Here’s the discussion…

Get d’Clu:

In your email this morning, you cite “736,000 more people have moved out than have moved in to Illinois in the past decade.”  Of that 736k, how many of those were retirees moving to warmer climes, rather than those looking for better tax states or better job states or better anything states?  I agree with you that IL is chasing people out of the state, but this point should have been investigated and communicated better because it’s wide open to interpretation, even tho’ it’s an accurate statistic.

 Dan Proft:

It’s a good point but it should be pointed out that IL is the number one net out-migration state per capita. So on an apples-to-apples comparison with the other 49 states contemplating the variables you point out, IL is seeing population flight like no other state.

Appreciate the note.


So there you have it from Dan’s Blackberry.


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