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What To Do? IL Primary Can Be Tsunami

I sent this as an email to all my co-Patriot friends.  Feel free to do the same.

Fellow Patriots,
In a stunning move, Harry Reid is looking to change this country forever… and not for the better.  He’s put in a provision to stop us from ever changing it in the future!
In the latest post at, we bring light to the fact that Reid is now starting to include language in his healthcare bill that would ban future lawmakers from changing the legislation.
In other words, once they get this thing passed, we’ll be slaves to it forever. And there will be nothing we can do about it within the constraints of our current system of government.
This blatant violation of his oath for office could not be more clear.  This is against our Constitution—the standard by which we judge those who work for us!
Is that the kind of news you want to hear?

Well, what have you done to change politics-as-usual in Illinois?

Sure, you can vote. Remember, for every one of your votes there is a gravestone in Cook County with an absentee ballot on it.

Sure, you can attend rallies in freezing weather that the press ignores and politicians use for comic relief. Doesn’t that just make your blood boil?

Sure, you can make phone calls to your elected so-called representatives.. How’s that working out for you?

Sure, you can sign petitions, fill out surveys, and fill up your friends’ in boxes with political flotsam and jetsam. How does preaching to the choir change the other voters’ minds on election day?

Or, you can put information about candidates’ positions, minus the spin, on important issues in the hands of actual voters on election day.

So which is it? Politics as usual? Or a tsunami that starts in the Mississippi valley and spreads to all three coasts that sweeps the corruption-addicted politicians out-of-office?
Illinois is the first primary in the country. What the embattled people of Illinois say in February at the polls will be louder than anything that you individually can hope to say. How do you influence voters that don’t pay attention to the din of politics on the Internet and cable news and traditional media?

So what can you do?

First listen to this recording Teleconference Audio – Candidate Research – from 2009-12-06. Then go to the Tasks page, pick a legislative district, do the research described in the recording and on that page, and post the results of your work. (At Abigail Adams Project – see link below)


There is no tomorrow!

The universe (creator, God, etc.) rewards people who take action differently than those who do not.
Visit Illinois Abigail Adams Project at: or Visit Liberty Movement Social Network at:

We need to be thinking about this, and we need to be ready to confront it in 2010.
Enjoy a blessed and comfortable week with your family, but be ready for the political fight of your life shortly thereafter.
For Liberty,

~ Lisa
“Every generation needs a new revolution.” ~ Thomas Jefferson


 Leave a comment on a post here, with a link, and say what YOU are doing for Freedom!




What To Do? IL Primary Can Be Tsunami:



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  1. Great stuff Lisa! You have turned into quite the blogger!

    Now,if this earthquake can just start that tidal wave…

    Comment by Patrick Sperry | December 24, 2009 | Reply

    • Kind words from the master. Thank you, Patrick!

      Pray for such a patriotic revival that cannot be stopped, for the outing of “leaders” who’ve not led, for the peaceful yet strong revolution of this sovereignty over its subject: the govt it created. We the People are heirs of God the Father who gave us unalienable rights, NOT the creature – govt, WE are its master and WE have deigned it no longer in OUR best interest; therefore IT MUST BE ABOLISHED! Then a new, more obsequious govt shall be established that WILL adhere to the Constitution as written. Long live the Constitution!

      Comment by Lisa | December 26, 2009 | Reply

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  3. Lisa,

    Nice job. If we all did what you are doing to influence our little worlds then the tsunami would ripple out from neighborhoods across the U.S. That is why I started my blog and now I receive readers from across the world. Keep-up the good work.

    Comment by Doug Thorson | December 23, 2009 | Reply

    • Doug, I am humbled and honored that you’ve thought so highly of me, thank you! I am so pleased to find your site and am looking forward to learning more and more about the Founders’ original intent. I have David Barton’s book of the same title. His org, Wallbuilders, was instrumental in opening my eyes to the true meaning of Jefferson’s wall comment to the Danbury Baptists, Justice Black notwithstanding! Now, if you wouldn’t mind loaning me some of that traffic…?!! Thanks again. To Freedom!

      Comment by Lisa | December 24, 2009 | Reply

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