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IL Becomes an Official Terrorists’ State—Gitmo North

ILLINOIS TEA PARTY PATRIOTS are taking the lead on protesting the GITMO Terrorists moving to our state. It was announced this morning that the White House has made the decision, even though as late as yesterday, Quinn’s office said that the December 22nd Public Hearing will determine if this transfer will happen. 

Here is what WE can do to bring awareness to our citizens and get our voices heard!  Do we live in a communist country where our voices mean nothing??  
Other groups in Illinois will be joining us on 12/22 – AS WILL A GROUP TO COUNTER-PROTEST US
This was sent to me anonymously last night from the Democratic underground:

Tea-Bag Counter-Protest (Gitmo Trials)
Tuesday, December 22nd 2009 1 P.M.
Sterling, IL USA

Opponents of a plan to house Guantanamo Bay detainees in Carroll County say they’ll protest the move before a public hearing to be held by an advisory panel made up of state House and Senate members.

Illinois TEA Party Patriots plan to rally outside Sterling High School’s Centennial Auditorium 1 hour before the Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability opens a mandatory hearing on the sale of Thomson Correctional Center to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

AP 12/15/09
WASHINGTON – Taking an important step on the thorny path to closing the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the White House plans to announce Tuesday that the government will acquire an underutilized state prison in rural Illinois to be the new home for a limited number of terrorist suspects held at Guantanamo.

Administration officials as well as Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will make an official announcement at the White House.
Officials from both the White House and Durbin’s office confirmed that President Barack Obama had directed the government to acquire Thomson Correctional Center in Thomson, Ill., a sleepy town near the Mississippi River about 150 miles from Chicago. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting Tuesday’s announcement.

Guantanamo Bay North: Thomson, Illinois

Decision to Bring Detainees to U.S. Places International Public Relations Above American Security“I remain opposed to transferring Guantanamo detainees to Illinois, or anywhere in the U.S., while awaiting more detailed information on what’s being proposed, including potential security threats and plans for resolving detainees’ final status.  As of yet, I have seen neither.”                    
— Rep. Melissa Bean (D-IL), November 18, 2009

On Tuesday, December 15, 2009, the Obama Administration announced that it will buy the Thomson Correctional Center, a State prison in Thompson, Illinois, for the purpose of housing up to 100 detainees currently held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  This move would be a precursor to shutting down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, which President Obama proposed in a January 2009 executive order.  According to the executive order, Guantanamo Bay would be shut by late January 2010, though that deadline will clearly be missed.  Before detainees can be moved, however, Congress must vote to allow detainees to be housed on U.S. soil for reasons other than trial.  The House Republican Conference has compiled several reason why bringing Guantanamo Bay detainees to the U.S. is dangerous, jeopardizes justice, and is a poor use of taxpayer funds.

Jeopardizing Justice:  The Thomson prison is located in the Northern District of Illinois, meaning that any civilian prosecution of terrorist detainees held there would probably occur in Rockford or downtown Chicago.   In Illinois, terrorist detainees may well enjoy the legal rights and benefits of U.S. citizens and resident aliens under the Constitution.   According to the Congressional Research Service, “non-citizens held in the United States may be entitled to more protections under the Constitution than those detained abroad.” [emphasis mine]  If tried by civilian courts, the government would be forced to reveal all of its intelligence on detainees and how it obtained it.  Additionally, treating the terrorist attacks as a simple criminal matter rather than an act of war will hinder U.S. efforts to fight terrorism and sends the wrong signal to U.S. enemies abroad.  Costly civilian court trials for detainees moved to Illinois will also likely take years.  Additionally, at a civilian trial, prosecutors would be forced to reveal U.S. intelligence on detainees, along with the methods and sources used in acquiring it.  This will enable al Qaeda to better understand our intelligence-gathering techniques and respond accordingly.  For example, Osama bin Laden used U.S. government information revealed during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing criminal trial to update and enhance his techniques. 

Wasting Taxpayer Dollars:  The Federal Bureau of Prisons estimates that purchasing the Thomson prison would cost the federal government about $120 million up front and $65 million to $85 million annually to operate.  The state-of-the-art detention facility at Guantanamo Bay was built at a cost of over $50 million for the explicit purpose of keeping terrorists away from U.S. soil.  Members may be concerned that scrapping the Guantanamo Bay facility for a more expensive one in the U.S. is an imprudent use of taxpayer dollars during a recession.  Holding and prosecuting detainees in Illinois would also place a significant cost burden on the State and local governments, as well as pose an enormous inconvenience to residents and taxpayers.  If the Moussaoui trial is an example, Rockford or Chicago will be a scene of rooftop snipers, bomb-sniffing dogs inspecting cars, identification checks, and heavily armed patrols. 

Risking Security:  Moving almost 100 terrorist detainees to Illinois would likely increase the focus of terrorists on the State and especially Chicago metropolitan area, possibly making the region a target.  The Chicago area is home to about 9.5 million residents, the tallest building in the U.S. (Sears Tower) and the busiest airport in the nation (O’Hare International).  The people of Illinois and the Midwest should not be subjected to such a greater security threat unnecessarily. 

Thomson Correctional Center:  The Thomson Correctional Center is an eight-year-old State prison located in rural Thomson, Illinois, near the border with Iowa.  The facility is about 150 miles from Chicago.  The 1,600-bed State prison currently holds about 200 minimum security inmates.  Some Members may be concerned that the Thomson prison does not have facilities for civilian trials or military commissions, and the closest hospital for surgery or intensive care is about 10 miles away, in Iowa.

Democrats have yet to explain how closing Guantanamo Bay and moving terrorists to the U.S. will make Americans safer.  Republicans have proposed H.R. 2294, the Keep Terrorists Out of America Act, which gives Congress an opportunity to stand with the American people by affirming their opposition to releasing the terrorists at Guantanamo prison or bringing them into the U.S.  The bill makes clear that governors and State legislatures must pre-approve the transfer or release of any terrorist detainee into their respective states.  Lastly, it requires the President to meet strict criteria and certification standards before terrorists housed at the Guantanamo prison could be brought to the United States.  For more information, visit [ Staff Contact: Adam Hepburn,, x63202 ]

Please be sure to sign and forward our petition:

Please feel free to forward this article with the petition to people in Illinois.
Chuck Goudie’s article:

There’s no date yet for the garage sale at Gitmo.

Nevertheless, White House officials are about to send off a supply of wardrobe boxes so 250 radical Islamist terrorists can start packing their thobe robes for a one-way trip to Illinois.

Expect an announcement before the end of the year that part of the nearly empty Thomson, Illinois, state penitentiary will be turned into a prison camp for Guantanamo inmates. Might I recommend that the feds also buy a selection of thermal taqiyahs to keep the prisoners’ scalps from getting chilly. Northwestern Illinois isn’t as warm as eastern Cuba in the wintertime.

A draft of a memo prepared by the Justice Department identified Thomson as the number one site under consideration. The memo had been “leaked” to a political Web site; however, don’t confuse the term “leaked” with “unapproved.” Most information leaked by politicians or their top staffers is part of a grand scheme devised by operatives in a formerly smoky room.

Asked about the memo, a White House official described it as “pre-decisional,” which makes perfect sense. “Pre” means before and “decisional” means the act of making a decision. Since a decision hasn’t been made yet, pre-decisional is an apt description … especially if the White House official was pre-delusional as to what the outcome will be.
Once the place is purchased by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Gitmo prisoners are moved to Thomson, the fun will begin.
Just like it did at Guantanamo.

Call it playing by the book.

The “Declaration of Jihad” book.

The rules of engagement for captured terrorists are prescribed as clearly as can be in lesson 18. That is the chapter titled “Prisons and Detention Centers.” Here are the first two, and presumably most important, rules for prisoners to follow:

1. At the beginning of the trial, once more the brothers must insist on proving that torture was inflicted on them by State Security (investigators) before the judge. 2. Complain (to the court) of mistreatment while in prison.

So, whether or not terrorist prisoners have been strung up by their toenails, they are to “insist on proving torture was inflicted on them” and “complain of mistreatment while in prison.”

Such tactics shouldn’t be surprising. The playbook was found by British police in May of 2000 on a computer seized during a raid of Osama bin Laden’s one-time personal secretary.

Even though the 180-page “al-Qaida handbook,” was authenticated and used by federal prosecutors, it has been criticized as incomplete and not the genuine article.

You can’t argue with this: The rules set forth in the prison section of the Jihad handbook line up with the behavior of top terrorist suspects at Gitmo.

“The brother has to do his best to know the names of the state security officers, who participated in his torture and mention their names to the judge,” states one rule for captured Jihadists. “These names may be obtained from brothers who had to deal with those officers in previous cases.”

If you don’t still don’t believe that Thomson-bound terrorists are just following orders by fabricating torture claims, consider these comments:

“al-Qaida’s training manual, seized by British authorities in Manchester, England, openly instructs detained al-Qaida fighters to claim torture and other types of abuse as a means of obtaining a moral advantage over their captors.

That advice has been routinely followed by detainees at Guantanamo Bay, who have succeeded in generating incessant demands from international actors or for the base’s closure or ‘for their own liberation,’ unquote. That’s what was in their manual.”

Those are of the words of Rep. Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican and a member of the Armed Services Committee and the Judiciary Committee, during a hearing last May on closing Guantanamo.

“Isn’t the administration’s closure of Gitmo and the removal of enemy combatants, possibly even in the United States, a complete victory of lawfare for al-Qaida?” Rep. Franks asked Attorney General Eric Holder, who was a witness at the hearing.

“I mean, what else could they (the terrorists) possibly ask for if this is in their book and we’re following it to the letter? What more could they ask for us to do?” Franks said.

Atty. Gen. Holder replied: “I don’t think it’s a victory. I think it’ll be a victory for our country and a victory for the causes that we fight for by closing Guantanamo and taking from al-Qaida the ability to recruit and point to that place as a place where inappropriate things happen, true or not. I mean, that has become a symbol of practices that this administration has decided not to use. [try not to roll your eyes…]

So I don’t see the closing of Guantanamo as a victory at all for al-Qaida. I think it’s going to be a victory for the American people and for our allies.”

Regardless, the 559 official residents of Thomson, Illinois, will soon be able to decide for themselves. As they greet the prison buses rolling down Highway 84, they should be prepared to see rule #8B in action from the Jihadist training manual.

“When the brothers are transported from and to the prison (on their way to the court) they should shout Islamic slogans out loud from inside the prison cars to impress upon the people and their family the need to support Islam.”

• Chuck Goudie, whose column appears each Monday, is the chief investigative reporter at ABC 7 News in Chicago. The views in this column are his own and not those of WLS-TV. He can be reached by e-mail at and followed at


U.S. announces transfer of Guantanamo detainees to Illinois prison

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Tuesday that a bipartisan majority in Congress “already rejected bringing terrorists to U.S. soil for long-term detention.”

“The administration,” McConnell said, “has failed to explain how transferring terrorists to Gitmo North will make Americans safer than keeping these terrorists off of our shores in the secure facility in Cuba.”

Closure Of Guantanamo Detention Facilities 

    January 22, 2009.

    Transferring terrorists to Gitmo North will not make Americans safer than keeping these terrorists off of our shores in the secure facility in Cuba. This is a national security issue, not a jobs recovery issue! Let the govt. do its duty!

    IL Becomes an Official Terrorists' State—Gitmo North:

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    Obama vs. the American Way

    I came across the following blog post from my blogroll and was amazed.  Not only is it well written, it speaks to several points the hearts of freedom fighters around the country are longing to express.  My thanks to “Mike from NC” at common conservative sense.  I’ve reprinted only a portion here because I want you to go to Mike’s blog and read the article in its entirety.  Then come back here and tell me what you think!

    Obama vs. America

    We are in the early stages of a war. There may be no military action, no bullets or bombs, but we are in a war none the less. This war is for the soul of America. [emphasis mine and throughout] This war is for the preservation of the principles our country was founded on and which have kept us free and prosperous since our beginning. President Obama and his allies do not like America, at least not as it is and has been. They do not believe that America is the greatest country in the history of civilization. They do not believe in American exceptionalism. They do not believe that we as Americans have a right to be proud of what we have accomplished and to be proud of the good we have done for the world. They believe America needs to be remade. They are wrong.

    Obama and friends are wrong about what America believes and what America stands for.

    America is a Christian nation. There may be arguments about the particular faith of some of the Founding Fathers, but the majority were undeniably Christians. One would have to “willfully suspend disbelief” to believe otherwise after reading our founding documents as well as our history. The real history, not the revisionist history. We do not deny anyone the privilege to worship as they choose, or to decline any form of worship. But our country was founded under Christian principles and beliefs.

    The God of our founders and the God I pray to is Yahweh, Jehovah God, the God of Abraham and Issac. The God of the Bible. He is not some generic “man upstairs”. He is the Creator of the universe and of mankind. Because of His deep love for us, He gave His son Jesus willingly as an atonement for our sin. He is boundlessly good and has all power. He is Love, but He is a jealous God. He will chastise and correct us as individuals and as a nation if we stray too far for too long. We have strayed far and long and we need to return to Him as a nation. Pray for His mercy, His blessings, His wisdom and His guidance. If ever we needed it, it is now. If you don’t know Him, seek Him and you will find Him.

    We do not believe that America needs to be remade, as Obama has stated. We believe that instead we need to return to the ideals of our Founders. We need to return to lower taxes, limited, smaller government, and unfettered personal freedom.

    We do not believe that America is arrogant. Strong, confident and proud, yes. Arrogant, no.

    America does not stand for wealth redistribution. We are generous, compassionate people with our money, but our generosity is not for Obama to dictate.

    We believe that capitalism is the best economic system. Socialism doesn’t work. Marxism doesn’t work. We believe in equality of opportunity, not in equality of outcome. Some people work harder, some people are smarter, some people have better ideas. When those people succeed, the country succeeds. When they become wealthy, the country becomes wealthy. Wealthy people buy things, they build things, they create jobs,  they start businesses, they invest in American prosperity. America would collapse without them. They are not evil and do not deserve punishment.

    America does not believe in the punitive taxation of our achievers. We believe in encouraging and rewarding achievement. It is counter productive to tax successful achievers into oblivion. All Americans should pay taxes so that all Americans have a stake in keeping the system honest. Consider that the City of Chicago just closed for a day to save money, with more days scheduled for more savings. A productive business does not save money by closing. Businesses produce wealth by being open for business. The government only takes, while producing nothing. Financially speaking, they are far more efficient and productive if they would just stay at home. We know that poor people don’t get any richer just because money is taken from the wealthy.

    America does not stand for federally funded abortion on demand. A large and growing segment of us believe that abortion is wrong. However, the law of the land allows it for now. But using our tax dollars to support it is unacceptable.

    America does not believe in a weakened, ineffective military. We do not believe that our military should be used to enforce social experimentation. We believe in spending our tax dollars to equip and train the greatest fighting force ever known to mankind, then praying to God that we will not have to use it. We love peace, but we are not afraid to fight for  liberty. We know that we don’t make weak nations any stronger by being weak ourselves. Being the only remaining superpower is a good thing. A very good thing. We have no desire to weaken ourselves in the interest of “fairness”. Senator Barbara Boxer had the audacity to publicly humiliate a brigadier general for referring to her as “ma’am” rather than as ”senator”. This is symptomatic of the arrogance and ignorance of many of our elected representatives. They have come to think of themselves as royalty. They think wrongly. I know of several fitting monikers for Senator Boxer, but decorum prevails.

    We welcome legal immigrants, as we always have. But for those who have no more respect for our country and our laws than to cross our borders unlawfully, we are not welcoming. We certainly don’t believe in giving them the rewards of our hard earned tax dollars in the form of social benefits. We do not support amnesty for illegal aliens. Secure our borders and enforce our laws. English is our language. Learn it if you want to live here.

    Read more…

    Please comment on your reactions to this article.  What do you think of Mike’s post?  Do you agree or not?  Do you think he’s right in his ascertation?  Is it bigoted or racist to have these opinions?  Why or why not?

    Obama vs. the American Way:

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    Miss Bush Yet?!

    As I was scanning my tweeps on Twitter (that’s social media for you other twits…) (I’ve always wanted to say that – ha!) I came across a re-tweeted post from stephenkruiser about this great article in the UK Telegraph, and indeed it is a good one.  I’m posting the entire article for your reading pleasure.  Please be so kind to address whether you think BO has enough “fire in his belly” or if he should be “a bit more like Mr. Bush.” 

    Bloodless President Barack Obama makes Americans wistful for George W Bush

    Barack Obama’s reaction to bad news is to play it so cool that Americans yearn for a bit more drama – and some even for his predecessor, writes Toby Harnden in Washington.

    Toby Harnden’s American Way
    Published: 5:57PM GMT 07 Nov 2

    During the election campaign, Barack Obama‘s cool detachment was a winning quality, the “No Drama Obama” a welcome contrast with the “Mr Angry” John McCain, never mind the hot-headed “I’m the decider” President George W Bush.

    A year into his presidency, however, Mr Obama seems a curiously bloodless president. If he experiences passion, he seldom shows it. It is often anyone’s guess as to whether an event or issue truly moves him.

    He has spent more than two months considering a troop increase but do we know how he really feels about the Afghan war?

    In a sign that the Obama honeymoon truly is over, I began to hear this week the first stirrings of a wistfulness about Mr Bush. “I never thought I’d hear myself say it,” one Democrat told me. “But Obama makes you feel that at least with Bush you knew where he was on something.”

    When Mr Bush’s Republicans were defeated in the 2006 mid-term elections, it was the President himself who stepped up and declared that his party had received “a thumpin'”. The Democratic defeats on Tuesday were not on anything like the same scale but Mr Obama acted as if nothing at all had happened.

    Mr Obama had campaigned for Jon Corzine, New Jersey’s Democratic governor, five times, twice just last Sunday. But when Mr Corzine lost by four points in a state Mr Obama won by 15 last year – a 19-point swing to Republicans – White House aides just shrugged.

    In Virginia, which Mr Obama won by six points last year, prompting Democrats to declare an historic political realignment in the state, the Democratic candidate went down by 17 points in the biggest landslide since 1961 – a 23-point swing to the Grand Old Party.

    It took Senator Mark Warner of Virginia to admit that his party “got walloped”. For three days, Mr Obama maintained a studied silence about the results while his aides blamed them on local factors that had nothing to do with the President. And to think that it was Mr Bush who was always accused of being “in denial”.

    More serious perhaps was Mr Obama’s strange disconnectedness over the Fort Hood massacre of 13 soldiers by an Army major and devout Muslim who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, had praised suicide bombing and shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he opened fire.

    Maybe Mr Obama had been reading the American press, much of which somehow contrived to present the atrocity as a result of combat stress due to soldiers going on repeated war deployments (though Major Nadal Hasan had not been on any) and therefore, no doubt, Mr Bush’s fault.

    When the television networks cut to the President, viewers listened to him spend more than two surreal minutes talking to a gathering of Native Americans about their “extraordinary” and “extremely productive” conference, pausing to give a cheery “shout out” to a man named Dr Joe Medicine Crow. Only then did he briefly and mechanically address what had happened in Texas.

    On Friday, when most of the basic facts were available, Mr Obama tried again. It was scarcely any better. He began by offering “an update on the tragedy that took place” – as if it was an earthquake and not a terrorist attack from an enemy within – and ended with a promise for more “updates in the coming days and weeks”.

    Completely missing was the eloquence that Mr Obama employs when talking about himself. Absent too was any sense that the President empathised with the families and comrades of those murdered.

    It was a reminder that for the past 16 years Americans have had two Presidents who would often extemporise and express emotion. President Bill Clinton could certainly “feel your pain” while Mr Bush sometimes struggled to hold back tears. Mr Obama is more like President George Bush Snr, who famously communicated his concern for people by blurting out: “Message – I care.”

    The White House argues that Mr Obama was not on the ballot last week and there is therefore no need to fret. The problem with this complacency is that voters were angry about the state of the economy, which Mr Obama can’t keep blaming on his predecessor. With unemployment now above 10 per cent, Mr Obama needs to show Americans that he can relate to what they’re going through, and take responsibility.

    It could do him good to show he has a bit of fire in his belly. Perhaps he might make a decision or two based on gut instinct and deep conviction. In other words, maybe he should try being a bit more like Mr Bush.

    [Note that there are over 500 comments on this article, so you might want to continue the conversation and your comments here.  Thank you.]


    Miss Bush Yet?!: 

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    Islamofascism: Islam is as Islam does

    The barbarians are no longer at the gate. They’re inside the fort, and it’s time for the insanity to stop. This is not Islamophobia, it is Islamo-realism. You invent a jihadi-detector that works every time it’s used, and we’ll welcome you back with open arms.

    Time to get an education and for Washington to get their noses out of their derrierers!  Jihadist action in America and our military is more dangerous than even Washington realizes as they are captive to political correctness regarding Muslim prisoners (e.g. giving them toothbrushes to be turned into shanks, uncuffing them for prayers, etc.). 

    Please read some of the best articles on this subject.  The first is historical data, but worth the initial read.  Continue on and please sear the terrorists’ faces into your memory so that when they are released into the population due to government folly, you can know them well enough to call the vigilantes…

    You say Islamism and I say Islam, you say Islamist and I say Islamic … let’s call the whole thing jihad!

    Islamism or Islam?—Islamist or Islamic? By Dr. Andrew Bostom  (posted by Atlas Shrugs)

    Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan (with his colleague, Iranian President Ahmadinejad): “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it”

     During the autumn of 1843, in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, Sir Henry Layard [1], the British archeologist, writer, and diplomat, witnessed the punishment mandated by the Shari’a, i.e., Islamic Law for apostasizing from Islam. He described this abhorrent spectacle as follows:

     “An Armenian who had embraced Islamism [emphasis added] had returned to his former faith. For his apostasy he was condemned to death according to the Mohammedan [Islamic] law. His execution took place, accompanied by details of studied insult and indignity directed against Christianity and Europeans in general. The corpse was exposed in one of the most public and frequented places in Stamboul [Istanbul], and the head, which had been severed from the body, was placed upon it, covered by a European hat.”

     Layard’s narrative demonstrates how in mid-19th century parlance, “Islamism” and “Islam” were synonymous, and meant to be equivalent to “Catholicism,” “Protestantism,” and “Judaism”—not to “radical” or “fundamentalist” sects of any of these religions.  Moreover, through at least the mid-1950s, scholars devoted to the formal study of Islamic doctrine and history were still referred to as “Islamists.”

     Turkey’s current Prime Minister Erdogan, commenting in August, 2007 [2] on the term “moderate Islam,” frequently used in the West to describe his ruling political party, the AKP, stated, “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” Erdogan’s displeasure is ironic, even somewhat humorous, given the contemporary Western apologetic obsession to recast the terms “Islamism,” and “Islamist,” to denote, exclusively, “radical” or “immoderate” Islam, and its adherents. But the irony of Erdogan’s ire aside, artificial distinctions between “Islamism” and Islam, “Islamist” and Islamic are logically incoherent, obfuscating irrefragable truths about living Islamic dogma, and its modern manifestations.

     The 1990 Cairo Declaration [3], or “Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Islam”—not Islamism—was drafted and ratified by all the Muslim member nations of the Organization of the Islamic—not Islamist—Conference (OIC [4]), a 57 state collective including every Islamic nation on earth. The OIC, currently headed by Turkey’s Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu [4], thus represents the entire Muslim ummah (or global community), and is the largest single voting bloc in the United Nations.

     Its preamble and concluding articles (24 and 25) make plain that the OIC [4]’s Cairo Declaration [3] is designed to supersede Western conceptions of human rights as enunciated, for example, in the US Bill of Rights [5]. The preamble repeats a Koranic injunction affirming Islamic supremacism, (Koran 3:110 [6]): “Reaffirming the civilizing and historical role of the Islamic Ummah which Allah made the best nation…” The gravely negative implications of this  Islamic Law (Shari’a)-based document [3] (“There shall be no crime or punishment except as provided for in the Shari’a”) are most apparent in its transparent rejection of freedom of conscience in Article 10 [3], while articles 19 [3] and 22 [3] reiterate Shari’a principles stated throughout the document, which clearly apply to the “punishment”—death—for so-called  “apostates” from Islam.

     The Cairo Declaration [3]—entirely consistent with Islamic Law—also introduces unacceptable discrimination against non-Muslims and women, while sanctioning the legitimacy of dehumanizing, Shari’a-compliant punishments, from flogging, to mutilation, and stoning.

     And polling data from a rigorously conducted survey [7] released April, 2007 demonstrate the Cairo Declaration’s Islamic Law principles—antithetical to Western formulations of human rights—are embraced by the preponderance of the world’s Muslims. Fully 2/3 of a representative sample of 4400 Muslims from Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, and Indonesia desired the ultimate jihad conquest imperatives: to re-create a unified supra-national Islamic state, or Caliphate, ruled by “strict application of Shari’a.”

     These quintessential goals of jihad were reiterated by the mass murdering jihadist psychiatrist Nidal Hasan as part of an erstwhile “medical grand rounds [8]” given on June 27, 2007. Although Hasan merely reiterates salient aspects of classical jihad theory [9] (i.e., see slides 35, 39, 42, 43, 44, 45,  and 49 [8]), this reality is understandably “shocking” to our willfully uninformed elites in the media, military, and government. Nidal Hasan’s presentation concludes, in full accord with classical Islamic doctrine regarding jihad war, (slide 49 [8]), “Fighting to establish an Islamic State to please Allah, even by force is condoned by (sic) Islam.”

    Unapologetic observations from 1950 by a great 20th century “Islamist” scholar of the Shari’a, G.H. Bousquet [10], contextualize these ominous trends. Bousquet described Islam itself as “as a doubly totalitarian system,” which, “claimed to impose itself on the whole world and it claimed also, by the divinely appointed Muhammadan law…to regulate down to the smallest details the whole life of the Islamic community and of every individual believer.”

    Former NYC prison guard blinded, nearly raped by al-Qaeda inmates warns against plan to try jihadists in city

    Is anyone in D.C. listening, or are they too busy playing politics and putting the supposed symbolism of the trial over the array of obvious security concerns? Louis Pepe Update, and an update on this story. “Blinded Prison Guard: Don’t House Terror Suspects in NYC,” by Joseph Abrams for Fox News, November 16 (thanks to Sam):  [WHY ARE WE TRYING NON-CITIZENS IN OUR COURT???]

    The high-security prison in New York City where 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is expected to be sent to await his trial has a supermax wing to keep even the most notorious criminals quiet — but it isn’t perfect. Just ask Louis Pepe.

    Ten months before Al Qaeda in 2001 struck a deathblow in the heart lower Manhattan, one of the terrorist group’s founding members plunged a sharpened comb through Pepe’s left eye and into his brain, blinding the 42-year-old prison guard and causing severe brain injuries that plague him to this day.

    Pepe told he worries that sending Mohammed and four of his alleged fellow 9/11 conspirators to New York could compromise the safety of the guards at the MCC prison. Keeping the prisoners in one location, he said, was especially dangerous.

    Read more…

    Sedition! O-Liar! Busted! BOMBSHELL Uncovered: Obama said on the senate floor: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is going to get “full military trial with all the bells and whistles” “justice will be carried out in his case” (Atlas)

    In a stunning act of denial and capitulation to Islamic jihad, the Obama administration submits by  bringing the masterminds of the shocking invasion of America into a New York courtroom, to try the Muslim masterminds of the most brutal attack on American soil in modern history — joining “over a millennium of jihad wars, land expropriations, enslavements, and humiliations of the conquered non-Muslim populations on three continents.”Khalid Sheikh Mohammed decapitation of Daniel Pearl

    Daniel pearl

    MObama Urges Congress Not to Probe Fort Hood, Warns Against Turning Tragedy Into “Political Theater”, Obama is aiding and abeting jihad against US (Atlas)

    (Could you imagine GW Bush doing this after 9-11?)

    The latest incomprehensible outrage from the muhammedan president. Whose side is he on? It sure ain’t America’s.

    The President is attempting to halt an investigation into the largest attack on a military base in US history? The first since 911, on Hussein’s watch? Is that not treason? Aiding and abetting the enemy. He warns of “political theater”? Uncovering the facts behind an Islamic attack on our soil is “political theater”. He is political theater. He is the Lawrence Olivier of political theater.

    The Democrats have subjugated themselves to Islam and assumed the role of de facto political party of Islam. Every day multiple gut wrenches in post America. The most devastating angle in all this is how even senior Democratic Members of Congress submit to the Muhammadan president. Islam is a political party and we know now they are the Democrats. Khalid Sheik Mohammad, now this…

    No More Muslims In U.S. Military!

    It became evidently almost immediately that the mass murderer in yesterday’s killing spree at Fort Hood was a Muslim who was motivated by jihadist impulses. Nidal Malik Hasan had told fellow soldiers that the Muslim who killed two recruiters last summer in Little Rock, Arkansas had done the right thing. He spoke openly of his belief that the Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq should rise up and fight the aggressor, by which he meant the U.S. military of which he inexplicably was a part. [Thanks to The American View*]

    By Bryan Fischer
    American Family Association
    Director Of Issues Analysis

    It became evidently almost immediately that the mass murderer in yesterday’s killing spree at Fort Hood was a Muslim who was motivated by jihadist impulses.

    Nidal Malik Hasan had told fellow soldiers that the Muslim who killed two recruiters last summer in Little Rock, Arkansas had done the right thing. He spoke openly of his belief that the Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq should rise up and fight the aggressor, by which he meant the U.S. military of which he inexplicably was a part.

    He wrote blog entries urging jihad, entries which six months ago attracted the attention of the FBI. Bizarrely, its investigation was closed, he was allowed to continue serving in the military, and as a result, 11 innocent soldiers are now dead, cut down in cold blood on one of their own bases on U.S. soil.

    It is time, I suggest, to stop the practice of allowing Muslims to serve in the U.S. military. The reason is simple: the more devout a Muslim is, the more of a threat he is to national security. Devout Muslims, who accept the teachings of the Prophet as divinely inspired, believe it is their duty to kill infidels. Yesterday’s massacre is living proof. And yesterday’s incident is not the first fragging incident involving a Muslim taking out his fellow U.S. soldiers.

    Of course, most U.S. Muslims don’t shoot up their fellow soldiers. Fine. As soon as Muslims give us a foolproof way to identify their jihadis from their moderates, we’ll go back to allowing them to serve. You tell us who the ones are that we have to worry about, prove you’re right, and Muslims can once again serve. Until that day comes, we simply cannot afford the risk. You invent a jihadi-detector that works every time it’s used, and we’ll welcome you back with open arms.

    This is not Islamophobia, it is Islamo-realism.

    And don’t give us reassurances about the oaths that Muslim soldiers take to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Hasan took that oath, and it proved meaningless. In fact, the more devout a Muslim is, the more likely he is to lie to you through his teeth, since lying to the infidel to advance the cause of Islam is commended, not just permitted, in the Koran.

    It’s time we all got over the nonsense that all cultures and religions are equally valid or worthy. They most certainly are not. While Christianity is a religion of peace, founded by the Prince of Peace, Islam is a religion of war and violence, founded by a man who routinely chopped the heads off his enemies, had sex with nine-year old girls, and made his wealth plundering merchant caravans.

    And just as Christians are taught to imitate the life of Christ, so Muslims are taught to imitate the Prophet in all things. Yesterday, Nidal Malik Hasan was simply being a good Muslim.

    The military is not about social engineering or diversity or multiculturalism or about proving what open-minded people we are. It’s about being ready to break things and kill people so that Americans can sleep securely in their beds at night. The mission is too important to be compromised by enlisting possible jihadi warriors and giving them the weapons and training to gun down our own soldiers and paying them all the while.

    The barbarians are no longer at the gate. They’re inside the fort, and it’s time for the insanity to stop.  [emphasis mine]

    * The [previous] article makes many good points. But, we [The American View] do not agree with the “mission” of today’s military including the unGodly, unConstitutional Iraq/Afghanistan wars. We do not support a standing military. We believe that any “military” force we have must be made of Godly men only because God does not bless unGodliness. — J.L.

    Why Is It That Even Accurate Commentary About Islam Seems To Involve A Disclaimer?

    2009 November 14
    by John Nampion

    In what appears to be the latest socially acceptable way to condemn Islamo-Fascism while still appearing to be reasonable and inclusive, many commentators have taken to excoriating Terrorists while still reminding the rest of us that Muslims are “good people” who, when it comes right down to it, are “just like us,” with the same wants, goals, likes and dislikes.

    Bill O’Reilly has been doing it a lot lately: In his November 11th Talking Points Memo he makes a reasonable case for why Nidal Malik Hasan should be called a “…Muslim terrorist, period. He killed out of blind hatred. He is a villain and there is no excuse for his rampage.”

    All well and good.

    But then Mr. O’Reilly takes great pains to make sure we comprehend what his central belief is:

    “We do, however, continue to believe that most Muslims are good people, and I understand they must be protected, but not to a ridiculous degree”.

    May I ask whom they need to be protected from?

    He does the same thing later in the program in his Back Of The Book segment with Fox News Anchor Jane Skinner:

    O’Reilly and Skinner are in total agreement that they disavow Reverend Pat Robertson’s thesis that “Islam is a violent political system bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world.”

    O’Reilly poses the following inquiry to Ms. Skinner:

    “So Jane: Does that do any good for America, or for anybody, slamming Islam like that?”

    “Certainly not”, she replies.

    Even Rich Lowry, in an otherwise excellent post in the National Review Online (The PTSD Evasion) makes the argument that

    “Obviously, Hasan isn’t a representative American Muslim, nor is his act an indictment of Muslims in the military. We can acknowledge both those things without laboring to obscure the nature of his crime in childish evasions.”

    Far be it from me to dispute the efficacy of those types of statements: It’s not like I know a lot of guys down at the local Mosque and hang out with them when their prayers are done for the day.

    But it is awful tough to believe a religion whose stated goal is to destroy or enslave anyone who is a non-believer is capable of putting out a lot of devout followers who want to co-exist peacefully with the rest of us.

    There might be a couple, or even 10 or 20, or for that matter, more than 2,000. I wish them well and salute their bravery.

    But to think that “most” Muslims don’t subscribe to the deadly theology that its Imams and seers and Mullahs advocate is to be, well… a tad naive.

    Don’t you think?

    From Punditarian at the Astute Bloggers:

    Imagine for a moment that there was a political movement that advocated:

    That it must dominate the entire world with its unifying ideology –

    That the entire world must come under the rulership of its single dictator –

    That the United States Constitution and all American laws must be replaced by the laws promulgated by this particular political movement and its leader –

    That it was proper for members of this political party to kill all who did not submit to their rule, and take from them everything they own –

    That women must be eternally subjugated, and deprived of education, the right to work, the right to vote, and the freedom to choose their husbands –

    That representational art, music, dancing, and theatrical performances (including films) must be abolished –

    That banking, mortgages, a free market in securities, and commercial credit all be eliminated –

    That sovereign states which refused to submit to this political movement be destroyed –

    And so on.

    Do you think for a New York minute that adherents of that political philosophy or members of such a political party would be enrolled in the United States Armed Forces? That the United States would encourage political organizers for such a party to have official establishments on American military bases, in American prisons, or on the campuses of government-supported American universities? That the American president would go out of his way to coddle, praise, stroke, and conciliate such a political party?

    But if you call such a political movement a “religion” and say that its tenets were given it by its God, then you’ll be free to infilitrate, subvert, and attack our American way of life, again and again and again.

    There was no madness at Fort Hood. That was just the worldwide jihad in action. [emphasis mine]

    The madness is in Washington.

    It is past time to recognize that whether or not you want to be at war with the jihad, the jihad is at war with you.


    Jihad Watch –

    The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran by Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch

    • The true meaning of celebrated and seemingly benign verses, such as “Strive in the way of Allah” and “Persecution is worse than slaughter”
    • How the Koran sanctions domestic abuse, honor killing, and murder
    • How the Koran not only discourages Infidels from reading it, but mandates that they don’t even touch it
    • Why President Obama is dangerously close to supporting a multiculturalism based on an ideology that aims to destroy the principles America
      holds dear

    The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam by Robert Spencer
    About the Title: Everything (well, almost everything) you know about Islam and the Crusades is wrong because most textbooks and popular history books


    updated link

    are written by left-wing academics and Islamic apologists who justify their contemporary political agendas with contrived historical facts that you won’t be

    taught in school and will never hear on the evening news. He supplies a revealing list of “Book You’re Not Supposed to Read” (as far as the PC left is concerned) and takes you on a fast-paced, politically incorrect tour of Islamic

    teaching and Crusade history that will give you all the information you need to understand the true nature of the global conflict America faces today.

    Islamofascism: Islam is as Islam does:

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    Hell on Earth: Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me, Part II « NewsReal Blog

    Hell on Earth: Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me, Part II « NewsReal Blog

    by David Horowitz


    The left’s crusade to rid mankind of DDT, to liberate gays from “sex-negative culture,” to build a welfare utopia & their stranglehold on the public school system are examples of how radicals destroy the lives of millions in the name of their modern secular religion.


    “Modern radicalism is a secular religion, and its hunger for meaning and hope and change cannot be satisfied by anything less than grandiose, totalizing schemes to transform the world. To bring up their failures, the enormities they are guilty of, the crimes committed in the name of their religion, is to strike a blow at hope itself, which is why they cannot and will not hear it.”


    “Not every progressive hell is a genocide, but many come close. The crusade to rid mankind of the scourge of DDT launched by the American environmentalist Rachel Carson wound up killing 100 million childrenmainly black Africans under the age of 5 — between 1975 and the present, and the killing is still going on. The crusade of the left to liberate gays from a “sex-negative culture” destroyed the public health system’s ability to control domestic epidemics and led to the deaths of more than 300,000 gay men in the prime of life.

    The left’s crusade to build a welfare utopia destroyed the inner-city black family, spawned tens of millions of fatherless black children, and created a mass intractable and violent underclass which is still with us and growing today.

    The leftist monopoly of the public school system in America’s major cities is daily destroying the lives of millions of poor black and Hispanic children while filling the coffers of the Democratic Party machine which keeps their oppression going.

    But progressives never stop for a moment to look at the horrors they have wrought.”


    “So one rule for conservatives should be this: Don’t be so polite. When progressives propose their progressive solutions, remind them of the hell they have inflicted on the people they claim to want to help — gays, blacks, Hispanics, children. And that’s just for starters.”


    Rules for Conservative Radicals

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    Let Your Voice Be HEARD!

    Action Alert

    “Let Your Voice Be Heard” by Congressman Mike Pence—a true Conservative.


    Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugged has again posted marvelous links for your reference.  But here’s the catch—you need to DO SOMETHING!  I’ll list some of her links below. Whatever you decide, the future of our nation rides on that decision!


     President Kennedy is known for his energetic speeches that riled up the nation and catapulted us to the moon.  His dynamic words moved us to motion and we need that movement now…

    Now is the time for all good (wo)men to come to the aid of their country.


    Ronald Reagan told of our date with destiny in his 1964 Goldwater speech:


    You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.
    Pelosi’s bill is being called the “worst bill ever” — with over 1,000 instances of “taxes,” “regulations,” and other government-control key words.  And she wants a vote this week.  Steve Elliott, President, Alliance sent this information.  It lists my Representatives, but you can go to the links to find your own non-representing Representatives…

    The Wall Street Journal is calling Nancy Pelosi’s 1,990-page government takeover of healthcare the “worst piece of post-NewDeal legislation ever introduced.”The Journal says it will create an “unrepealable middle class entitlement” that will cause taxes to “rise precipitously” and will result in “all medicine” being “rationed via politics.”


    The CBO cost estimate is coming in at $1.055 trillion and that’s just scratching the surface. The Journal says  “ObamaCare will be lucky to cost under $2 trillion over 10 years; it will grow more after that.”Go here to access Wall Street Journal’s excellent analysis of what it calls the “worst bill ever”:


    + + Bill loaded with taxes, fines, penalties and regulationsIn case there was any doubt left that ObamaCare is a massive,tax-increasing power grab, consider what our Grassfire research team unearthed about the words used in Pelosi’s bill:


    –181 instances of “penalty” or “penalties”
    –214 times “taxes” or “tax” is recorded
    –82 usages of “fee” and “fees”
    …A total of 486 times any form of the words penalty,surcharge, tax, fine or fee are used!

    –422 instances of “require,” “requires” or “required”
    –78 times the words “obligation” or “obligated” occur
    –219 usages of “regulation(s)”
    –106 times “impose, imposed or imposes” are used…
    A total of 609 times any form of the words impose, require,mandate, obligation, license or regulation are used


    + + Pelosi promising vote by as soon as Thursday


    We are now bracing for a floor vote in the House as soon as Thursday or Friday. That means we have just a few days to get our message through loud and clear.


    + + Action #1 — Hand-deliver your message directly to Congress


    Grassfire has already delivered over 100,000 personal letters from citizens across the country to key members of Congress –in just the past week.


    This is the best way to make sure your message gets personally delivered to your two Senators, your Representative and other key members of Congress.  This is especially crucial this week. Please go here right now to schedule your messages to be personally hand-delivered:


    Each day’s orders are delivered the next day, so please take a moment right now to schedule your hand-delivery.


    + + Action 2 — Help flood Congress with petitions, phonecalls and other contacts all week long.


    In addition to the hand-delivered letters, Grassfire will also be hand-delivering each and every signed petition as part of a massive grassroots effort taking place this Thursday.


    Grassfire hopes to rally 1 million citizen contacts (petitions,faxes, phone calls, letters) this Thursday, coinciding with Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s call to join her in walking the halls of Congress and make sure the voice of citizens is heard.


    Two ways you can help:


    #1 — Ask your friends to sign the petition by going here:


    All petitions received by 6am Wednesday will be hand-delivered Thursday.


    #2 — Call! Call! Call!


    Please call your two Senators and your Representative.  If they do not receive hand-delivered letters and calls and other communications from constituents, they will assume you support ObamaCare!


    Rep. Shimkus    202-225-5271


    Sen. Durbin     202-224-2152


    Sen. Burris     202-224-2854


    Or, call the switchboard and ask for your member of Congress:202-224-3121.


    Be sure to tell your Senators and Representative that you live in their state or district.


    We have posted more information at ResistNet. Go here:


    This is the final countdown to the showdown over ObamaCare.
    All hands on deck!


    Steve Elliott, President


    P.S. Please forward this message to your friends.
    We simply must have millions of citizens engaged
    THIS WEEK in this debate.
    To send your hand-delivered letters,
    go here:
    For more on grassroots efforts:


    +   +  +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +  +  +   +   +   +   +   +   +   +

  Alliance is a non-profit 501(c) 4 issues advocacy
    organization dedicated to equipping our 1.5 million-strong network
    of grassroots conservatives with the tools that give you a real
    impact on the key issues of our day. Gifts to are
    not tax deductible.


    + + Comments? Questions?





    Do you get the feeling that THIS IS THE WAY TO TAKE AMERICA BACK?!!!


     * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *  ~*~*




    Please check out these links from the Atlas blog post mentioned earlier:


    From Palin:



    The thing is that nobody wants this abortion of a rout. America has spoken and the autocrats in DC are ignoring the will of the American people. They are steamrolling over “we, the people.” The Democrats want to steal 1/6 of the American economy. This is what is so galling. People have to get organized and revolt against this oppression.

    Here are the latest news updates on the Marxist assault on the American people, the American economy and the Constitution. This cannot stand.  


    The Pelosi Health Care Bill: Facts and Finds Continued


    It is 1,990 pages long so House Republicans and GOP leadership are still reading through the many details included in the Pelosi health care bill, unveiled last Thursday. We will continue delivering updates here on as more details are revealed. Be sure to check out our three previous entries full of facts pulled from specific pages of the bill. The nuggets of information included in these posts say a lot about what is included in the bill. Read reactions and statements from House Republicans on the bill here.  


    Over 100 New Federal Bureaucracies Created in Pelosi Health Care Bill


    Find some of my favorites here


    Pelosi Health Care Bill By the Numbers (and there are A LOT of numbers you don’t want to miss out on)
    House Leader John Boehner Delivers the Weekly Republican Address here.




    For months we have all been working feverishly to make sure that government run health care legislation is not passed. We have done it all:We’ve yelled.We’ve called.We’ve emailed.We’ve written.We’ve rallied.We’ve even marched on the Capitol.


    Still our cries and concerns have not been heard. We have cried tears of despair and shouted in frustration, but still many are not listening. 


    We know you all are so very tired. We know that each of you work tirelessly each and everyday, trying to do your part, to make a difference.  Each of you has done a great job at speaking your hearts.


    Some are calling for more angry protests, even storming the Capitol, but let’s not give the media another chance to falsely portray us as an unruly mob.




    Together, with the doctors of Take Back Medicine and the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the Patriots of Tea Party Patriots Live, Resistnet, and the Tea Party Express, are going to STAND TOGETHER, speak from the heart, and remind Washington we will stand together to protect this country!


    On Thursday, November 5th, Representative Michele Bachman (MN) will stand on the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. She will be joined by other Members of Congress and many Patriots from across this country.  People will be traveling from coast to coast, to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Patriots in Washington this week.   We know most of you can’t get to Washington again so soon…..  So let’s join Representative Bachman and other Patriots by turning out at State Capitols and Congressional district offices across the country.


    Instead of yelling or protesting, let’s sing “God Bless America” at 12:30 pm EST at every location across the country.  Let’s send a message that says “WE STAND TOGETHER!”




    1.  GO TO U.S. CAPITOL at 12 noon EST


     If you can make it to D.C., stand up with the other patriots who will be standing with Representative Bachman.At 12:30, everyone will sing “God Bless America.”


    After singing with Patriots from across this country, deliver handwritten letters to the Representatives telling them to VOTE NO on government controlled health care.




    At 12:30 pm EST, at the exact same time around the country, in Washington, D.C. and at your local Congressional offices, join together and sing “God Bless America.”


    After singing with Patriots from across this country, deliver handwritten letters to the Representatives telling them to VOTE NO on government controlled health care.


    3.  GO TO STATE CAPITOL at 12 noon EST [11 am CST]


    At 12:30 pm EST [11:30 CST], at the exact same time around the country, in Washington, D.C. and at your local Congressional offices, join together and sing “God Bless America.”


    4.Twitter “We Stand Together” and use hashtag #killbill at 12:15pm [11:15].


    You can update your location and progress throughout the day using Twitter hashtag #killbill.  Please send us your videos and pictures.  There will be live broadcasting of some events throughout the day.  You can broadcast your own event by using or


    5. Call the White House (202.456.1414) at 1:00pm [12 Noon CST]

    Tell the White House “We Stand Together.”


    6.  Call your local Congressional office at 1:15 pm [12:15 CST].


    You can find the number here or you can dial the Washington, D.C. Congressional switchboard (202.224.3121) to contact the DC office.

    7. Email your Representative at 1:30 pm [12:30 CST].

    You can email your Representative here.


    More important links:



    When the White House made its jobs creation announcement, none of the news media reported that another government program — immigration — completely wiped out any overall benefit for unemployed Americans. 


    Your 3 Members of Congress need to be told repeatedly this week that the federal immigration program this year already has issued about 1.125 million permanent and temporary work permits to new working-age foreign citizens! 

    All of us need to point out to every local newspaper, every Member of Congress and every one of our co-workers and family that the federal government has imported more than a million working-age foreign citizens this year to negate every positive impact the stimulus could have had for U.S. workers:

    As President Obama’s FCC moves forward to impose burdensome Net Neutrality regulations on the Internet and just in time for Halloween, CFIF this week released the following illustration highlighting the intricate web between the Obama Administration and Google, a leading supporter of Net Neutrality. The illustration raises the question: Is Net Neutrality merely a trick on Internet users or just a treat for Google’s welfare?   


    Google’s Spider Web of Ties to the Obama Administration
    Obama’s FCC and Net Neutrality – Merely a Trick on Internet Users or
    Just a Treat for Google?





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    First They Came for Fox News…

    Apparently the new White House strategy for handling comments and news it dislikes is to call out the network and condemn it for lying

    White House Communications Director Anita Dunn has been leading the charge… and while consuming conservative media, she’s become a  “fierce critic of Fox News.”

    “It’s opinion journalism masquerading as news,” Dunn says. “They are boosting their audience. But that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back.” Fox News’s head of news, Michael Clemente, counters that the White House criticism unfairly conflates the network’s reporters and its pundits, like Glenn Beck, whom he likens to “the op-ed page of a newspaper.”

    Claudia Rossett gets at the heart of what’s wrong when the President of the United States attacks a news outlet:

    You don’t have to love Fox News to see how dangerous it is when the President of the United States gives his staff and advisers a green light to single out and denigrate by name a specific news organization. As we surely all know by now, this is what the White House has been doing to Fox.

    The Sunday morning talk shows just brought us White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod opining to George Stephanopoulos, on ABC’s “This Week,” that Fox is “Really – not news — it’s pushing a point of view.” Axelrod advised that ABC and other non-Fox outlets take his cue and expunge Fox from the brethren of news services: “And the bigger thing is that other news organizations like yours ought not to treat them that way, and we’re not going to treat them that way.” Meanwhile, on CNN’s “State of the Union,” White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was hammering home the same message, that Fox “is not a news organization so much as it has a perspective,” and urging “More importantly is not have [sic] the CNNs and the others in the world basically be led in following Fox, as if what they’re trying to do is a legitimate news organization… .”

    This would be a very good moment for all those other news organizations — CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the newspapers and the news web sites – to offer President Obama the perspective that it is utterly inappropriate for White House personnel to be opining publicly on the overall fitness of specific news outlets. The president has sworn to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” That includes protecting free speech, not dispatching White House staff and advisers to hold forth publicly as media critics denouncing news outlets they don’t like.

    If errors of fact turn up in reporting, the White House is entitled to dispute them. But Axelrod and Emanuel were not disputing a particular piece of reporting. They were slamming wholesale a widely followed and highly informative news outlet, and denouncing it as not “legitimate.”


    The matter of deciding whether a news outlet has “a perspective” — and many do — is something that in a free country, if the country is to remain free, should be left to the private customer. There are legions of critics in the private sector who spend their time analyzing and debating which outlets provide the most reliable news, what’s entertainment, who’s opinionated, and how, and who’s not. They are easy to find. You can tune in, subscribe, and decide for yourself. These folks, like the media they criticize, are subject to the market test — in which private consumers freely make their own choices about what or whom they trust, what they pay for, what they pay attention to, and why.

    Government personnel getting into this act is altogether different. These are people paid out of the public purse, and speaking under the imprimatur of public institutions — in this case the White House. Here they are, urging White House-favored news outfits to follow the White House lead, and ostracize a specific news outlet the White House doesn’t like. This is Banana Republic stuff, a stock tactic of pressure and intimidation. The effect of such stuff, as a rule, is not to promote accurate news coverage, but to cover up stories the government doesn’t want aired, and shut up critics.

    Other news outlets — the CNNs, ABCs, NBCs, CBS’s, or for that matter the New York Times and the Globe-Post-Mercury-Etceteras, may not agree with opinions expressed on Fox. But they would be wise to remember that what goes around comes around. And if they don’t rally now around the idea that the White House has no business vetting, according to its own “perspective,” which news outlets are “legitimate” and which are not, then the legitimacy of all news outlets becomes a function of “point of view” held by the White House. Welcome to the road to China’s Xinhua News Agency and Russia’s Channel One TV.

    This is exactly WHY it is dangerous for the Obama Administration to declare war on Fox News…  What goes around comes around, so the networks should listen and be called to action – NOW.

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    Brainwashing and Indoctrination of our Kids

    If you haven’t figured out already that the socialistas have taken over the education system in this country starting way back in the 1880’s, you’ve allowed yourself to be lulled by their schemes.  Long ago they realized the best way to revolutionize America wasn’t with tanks and bullets, but in the classroom: change from the inside.  Create a nation of dumbed down docile proletariat who’ll gladly hand over tax dollars to continually fund the socialist agenda toward turning our representative republic into a socialist democracy…  Guess who founded and supplies money to come up with new education methods?  The Rockefellers.  Read on.

    This video from CNN was on last night, October 7th.
    (Hat tips Atlas’ Pamela and Prison Planet’s Alex.)

    Kids from the Ron Clark Academy are on CNN singing for health care reform, set to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” The song mentions “Obama says everyone needs health care now.”

    From Atlas:

    The only escape American families have from a debased public school system that indoctrinates young American minds with the left wing poisonous propaganda is an expensive private school (with an unbiased curriculum) or homeschooling. The Democrats have made choice impossible for the poor by their refusal to approve school vouchers.

    Home schooling is the only other alternative. Watch leftist elites go after that last vestige of quality education.

    We have witnessed the dumbing-down of an entire generation of school children. They are so incapable of thinking they elected an unamerican subversive to the White House. Our only hope is in our power to choose. This is unconstitutional and unamerican.

    So, instead of learning science, math or English, these kids spent their school time learning a lame partisan song and crappy choreography? And we wonder why our students are the dumbest in the industrialized world (25th out of 27, specifically).

    The following book is a free download (very large .pdf) that will blow your mind and gives you all the background and specifics about America’s socialist indoctrination of its children through the education system.  It’s called The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America — A Chronological Paper Trail by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, published in 1999.  Please read it and share it!
    Related Articles:

    Brainwashing for Barack: More Schools Programming Obama Propaganda
    Obama 101: Garbage in, Garbage out

    Weaponized Education: Controlling Tomorrow With The Youth of  Today 

    Soviet brainwashing techniques have been a part of the overall agenda of mass education for well over a hundred years, but today the globalists are flaunting their agenda. As recently as April of 2009 UNESCO announced its plan to promote their Earth Charter to encourage all children to become responsible, “global citizens in the 21st century”. The charter is a loaded document that also promotes, redistribution of wealth, “among nations” (communism).

    One system already promoting that exact agenda is the International Bacceulette (IB) Program, which claims to be an ‘elite’ international education, and it is being implemented in 2,591 schools in 134 countries.

    Why American Education Has Declined
    George Carlin – Dumbed Down Education

    Stupid in America 
    George Carlin – Teach your children to question

    UNESCO: Strangle This Monster in Its Crib

    Most Americans are blissfully ignorant of the insidious nature of this crowd of one-world, paganistic pseudo-communists (and real ones) who are bound and determined to create a new world order, establish a new world religion of tree worshippers that supplants and scorns Christianity and Judaism, promotes abortion worldwide, seeks to capture control of schools and schoolchildren, and is in the process of transforming national and privately owned property in the U.S. and elsewhere into its greedy hands…

    “A 10-part series for teachers, published in 1949 under the title Toward World Understanding, asserted that ‘one of the chief aims of education today should be to prepare boys and girls to take an active part in the creation of a world society. …’ But government schools must stamp out love of country and the family must be viewed as the enemy: ‘As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The school should therefore use the means described earlier to combat family attitudes that favor jingoism.'”

    Alex Jones’ statement featured in the Question Your Reality video by NufffRespect.  At 9mins 5secs into that video, referring to fluoridation, he says this:  “We have their own documents from the 1920’s saying they were going to dumb you down.”
    The video is here:
    Look on John Taylor Gatto’s page, you should be able to find it there:

    In 1888, the Senate Committee on Education was getting jittery about the localized, non-standardized, non-mandatory form of education that was actually teaching children to read at advanced levels, to comprehend history, and, egads, to think for themselves. The committee’s report stated, “We believe that education is one of the principal causes of discontent of late years manifesting itself among the laboring classes.”

    By the turn of the century, America’s new educrats were pushing a new form of schooling with a new mission (and it wasn’t to teach). The famous philosopher and educator John Dewey wrote in 1897:

    Every teacher should realize he is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of the proper social order and the securing of the right social growth.

    In his 1905 dissertation for Columbia Teachers College, Elwood Cubberly—the future Dean of Education at Stanford—wrote that schools should be factories “in which raw products, children, are to be shaped and formed into finished products…manufactured like nails, and the specifications for manufacturing will come from government and industry.”

    John Taylor Gatto’s book, The Underground History of American Education: An Intimate Investigation into the Problem of Modern Schooling(New York: Oxford Village Press, 2001), is the source for all of the above historical quotes. It is a profoundly important, unnerving book, which I recommend most highly. You can order it from Gatto’s Website, which also contains the first half of the book online free.

    Also recommended, Bruce E. Levine’s excellent book Commonsense Rebellion: Debunking Psychiatry, Confronting Society (New York: Continuum Publishing Group, 2001).

    by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D. 

    The ‘GIVE’ Act Calls for Your Kids to be ‘Owned’ by the State 

    CAIR Corrals Students into Islamic Indoctrination   [Candace de Russy]
    Class time is being used to train public school students at Friendswood Junior High in Houston in Islamic doctrine — e.g., “There is one god, Allah” – by leaders from the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    ‘Preceptoral’ and Social-Justice Indoctrination   [Candace de Russy]
    Mitchell Langbert has been reading Politics and Markets: The World’s Political-Economic Systems by political scientist Charles E. Lindblom, who cites three types of authority: market, state, and preceptoral. Lindblom seems to have come up with the preceptoral notion on his own. Preceptoral control exists in educational indoctrination, which can alternate for state coercion or economic incentives as a means of control.

    Langbert observes that this “this idea very closely fits the concept of ‘social justice disposition’ that theNational Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)has advocated.” Both involve “‘persuasion’ or ‘education’ … aimed first — but perhaps only transitionally — at a transformation of personality, at the creation of the ‘new man’ as he is often referred to in communist discourse.”

    Mind control in the service of collectivist tyranny, by any name.

    Raising Our Kids   [David French]
    I read with great interest yesterday’s article by Arthur C. Brooks on the emerging “baby gap” between liberals and conservatives. If this doesn’t highlight the importance of education to both sides of the political and cultural divide, I don’t know what does. For a long time, liberals and conservatives have argued over who ultimately controls a child’s education — the parents or the state. With parents typically more conservative and the education bureaucracy more left than even the mainstream Democratic party, it is easy to why and where the battle lines are drawn.  

    After decades of litigation, the balance of power is increasingly clear: While parents who can afford to do so have a right to opt out of public schooling (through home schools or private schools), if the kids are in public schools they are essentially wards of the state and can be subjected to all kinds of state indoctrination without parental consent. Just check out cases where students were forced to sit through lewd sexual programs (Brown v. Hot, Sexy, and Safer Productions), take sexually explicit and suggestive surveys at a young age (Fields v. Palmdale School District), and even participate in Wiccan rituals (Brown vs. Woodland Joint Unified School District).  For a nice summary of the rights of parents to control their kids’ education, read this.  

    Why Gov’t Schools Fail    [Michael Graham]
    “To be very candid with you, I just don’t want to be bothered with it.” That’s what Washington, DC School Superintendent Paul L. Vance had to say
     when he resigned Friday. He was reacting to the push for school vouchers and other education reforms.  [I guess it’s a real bother actually educating children?]

    Another great book:  Already Gone by Ken Ham.  It shows statistics about why our young people are leaving the church and have already left it mentally by Middle School.  Check out the Answers in Genesis Bookstore Monthly Specials for discounts!

    Parental Rights: Why Now is the Time to Act


    Leave a comment as to what your family is doing to combat the 35 hours a week your children spend in the socialist school system.  What has and hasn’t worked for you?


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    Update Day – Education, Czar/MediaWatch

    So Obama gave his little speech to the kiddos this morning and I must say it was pretty good.  Yes, I know, it had two questionable lines, but it was generally very positive and direct about their educational goals and personal responsibility.  Good job, Mr. President, and thank you for leaving politics as much out of your speech as possible!

    See, I did say something positive about BO (!).

    I’m pleased to report that there was more than just a general rumble nationwide of concerned parents who were paying attention and wanted to read the transcript before deciding whether to allow their children to view the video.  Thank you, and bravo, parents.  You are Patriots!


    As far as the left reporting on the Van Jones departure (like that will be an accurate assessment), there are several articles about how they’ve either NOT reported it, like the NYT here, or here, or here.  The best is the first linked article by Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent for the Washington Examiner

    Mr. York did a quick search on NEXIS for total words about the Van Jones controversy at about 11:30 am on Sept, 4th, and found NONE from these “news” sources:

    • New York Times
    • Washington Post
    • NBC
    • ABC
    • CBS
    • (CNN also had none on this date)

    These are some of the main “news” channels in America and they chose to report – NOTHING about the communist who would oversee $30 billion taxpayer dollars and no knew about him but the leftists like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck?  C’mon, seriously.  The media are supposed to be the watch guards and have a responsibility to pure journalism (I guess I’m an old fashioned traditionalist – I can wish, anyway…).  Withholding information does untold damage considering how many people get their news from these sources.  They serve the propagandists, therefore we need to pressure them to either get it right or get out of the business, perhaps boycott their advertisers.  What an example of media malpractice!

    Check out

    Below, is a “comment” on an American Spectator article by Jeff Lord ( (again, much thanks to Atlas),

    You don’t need to have read the article to get the truths in this response:

    Grzmlyk| 9.4.09 @ 9:05AM

    Wow. Mr. Lord, are YOU stuck in the dark ages or what? Very cute, your assuming any rules of decorum or tradition or respect for institutions still apply to presidential politics.

    You think you are being SCANDALOUS by obliquely intimating that Obama might have – gasp – approved of a gangsta like Jones being in the White House? Hellooooooo! Obama WANTS people like this around him. It’s WHO OBAMA IS. Jones wasn’t approved in spite of his record; he was approved BECAUSE of it. Wake the hell up, you white-glove conservatives.

    The rules ALL changed with the coronation of our first hip-hop president. Hip hop culture draws in no small measure from the thuggish conventions that were forged in America’s raw urban slums. It is the romanticizing – and lionization – of the ghetto’s Lord-of-the-Flies mentality vis a vis the mundane middle class decorum practiced by the pampered bourgeoisie. The Vanilla Drudges that comprise the “ancien regime” spend most of their time safely insulated in the protective bubble-wrap of dreary suburban values – values that are invariably scorned by rebellious youth, counter-cultural trendiness and, of course, the newly-ennobled gangstas, pimps and hoes themselves.

    The hip-hop culture’s hallmark is a harsh, aggressive, rude style of in-your-face interaction, always punctuated by a crass materialism, a worship of instant gratification, an ostentatiously unapologetic avarice, and a bullying sense of entitlement that have been folded up neatly, given the stamp of “authenticity” and enshrined in our pop culture by our ever-so-wise children, “ageless” hipsters and, of course, “caring” liberals everywhere. And its impact on civility and the decorum that used to dictate dignified human interaction has been like hydrochloric acid on tender skin.

    Lest I couch it in too much politically correct obfuscation, it’s about blacks “getting paid” by whites. It’s about the tribute white guilt pays to The Law of the Jungle because, of course, it is WE who are to blame for creating this zero-sum, primitive, parasitic, brutish mentality. I lived – barely – in NYC from ‘85 to ‘95. I used to go on long walks because I love the history and architecture of the city and, in my brazen youth, I often wandered into neighborhoods where, it was clear, a face like mine wasn’t welcome.

    I was harassed in polarized Crown Heights. I was a victim of an attempted mugging at the ragged edges of Brooklyn Heights. I was chased out of the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was East New York. I was accosted at the subway in shabby Times Square at two in the morning, where the happenstance of a cop passing by may be the only thing that separated me from the morgue. I had my very first meal, just purchased at Arby’s, taken and eaten in right front of me on my very first day in New York, in the Dodge City that was Port Authority, where I arrived by bus from the bucolic confines of the Brandeis University graduate theater program. I was assaulted and mugged in my doorway near Prospect Park.


    I am white. The perps in each case were black. We erstwhile bright-eyed Caucasian suburbanites who had descended on Gotham with dreams in our pockets bore our scrapes with mortality in the mean streets with not a little pride (there’s that reaction to bourgeois values again). Yet, whenever I had a new tale to tell, my harrowing narrative would invariably draw disinterested yawns from my white colleagues and impatient rolled eyes from my black acquaintances. Why? Well, aside from my colleagues’ secret envy at my having another badge of honor to polish and a new story to tell ad nauseum, it was the apotheosis of Ghetto Culture.

    From my white friends, the most sympathetic responses I got were of the “karmic payback” variety (blacks just doing what our oppression forced them to do). From my black colleagues, it was simply the shoulder shrug of, hey, if a gazelle wanders into a lion’s hunting ground, it ain’t the lion’s fault if the gazelle becomes dinner.

    And Van Jones personifies this mentality – and our tolerance of it – perfectly, no matter how much environmentalism, social justice, or well-tailored drapery he hides his ghetto ethic in. And the minimal cluck-clucking about what’s really behind his appointment proves that the tribute white guilt pays to thuggish black culture is, as ever, alive and well – as we see with Jeffrey Lord’s painstaking avoidance of – dare I say it, calling a spade a spade –and identifying what’s really going on with the Obama administration: It is the rise of the Hip Hop presidency. Even the ostensibly conservative Fox All-Stars Charles Krauthammer and Stephen Hayes delicately parse their responses to this travesty oh-so-equinanimously, airbrushing out the more thuggish aspects of Jones’s behavior and laughing off a lack of basic civility that you can bet would have had their panties in a bunch during the Bush era. Why, who cares about the death of decorum, of serious people taking serious approaches to serious problems? (Jones IS black, after all.) Why, their only quibble is that Jones was revealed to be a – gasp – “truther!”

    Hey, Charles and Stephen: That should have been the last straw, not the first.

    So I wouldn’t count on Van Jones being kicked unceremoniously to the curb. He’s a “playa,” after all, and as hip-hop teaches us, we are to “hate the game, but not the playa.” And even if he is jettisoned from the administration, there are many, many more brutish, unhinged thugs where he came from. Just as occurred with the Reign of Terror, it is the very rejection of tradition, decorum, rule of law, common sense and civility that are the fuel of the Obama revolution. Wake up, conservatives. 

    Now, is there any question as to who our president is or what his agenda is about???

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    Christian Girls, Interrupted – Children’s Faith no longer Free

    I reported Friday on the New Hampshire girl forced to attend public school because the court found her religious belief (and that of her mother) “too rigid.”  Here, McGurn points out how interesting it would be if we’d take public school children out and force them into parochial education to widen their horizons…  He also speaks of Judge Dawson’s decision to do right by Rifka Bary in Florida.  Her case has been covered extensively by Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs.





    Christian Girls, Interrupted

    How much say should parents have over their children’s faith?

    by William McGurn
    Two Christian girls. Two sets of distraught parents. And two state courts smack in the middle of it.

    One of these courts is in New Hampshire, where a judge recently ordered that home-schooled Amanda Kurowski be sent to public school. The order signed by Family Court Justice Lucinda V. Sandler says the 10-year-old’s Christian faith could use some shaking up—and that the local public school is just the place to do it. So while the child’s lawyers at the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal outfit, filed a motion asking the judge to reconsider, last week Amanda started fifth grade at a local public school.

    At about the same time Miss Kurowski was starting school in New Hampshire, a state court in Florida was considering what to do with 17-year-old Rifqa Bary. Miss Bary fled to Florida from Ohio a few weeks back, where she sought refuge with a Christian couple whose church she had learned about on Facebook. She says she ran away from home because her father discovered she’d become a Christian—and then threatened to kill her. On Thursday, Circuit Judge Daniel Dawson ordered the girl and her family to try mediation and set a pretrial hearing for the end of the month.

    McGurn  Associated Press

    {Rifqa Bary gets a hug from her DCF case worker Maxine Kisimbi
    during a hearing before circuit Judge Daniel Dawson at the
    Thomas S. Kirk Juvenile Justice Center.}

    Miss Bary’s case doesn’t fit neatly into the standard categories. On the one hand, Mr. and Mrs. Bary are flying the parental-rights flag typically associated with conservatives. They say that whatever fears their daughter has of them have been put in her head by evangelical Christians hostile to Islam.

    If what has spilled out into the press is true, moreover, law-enforcement findings in both Ohio and Florida support the parents. The Barys say they are willing to let their daughter practice whatever religion she wishes; they just want her home. Would Islamic fundamentalists, they ask, allow their daughter to be a cheerleader?

    On the other hand, the fear of an honor killing—even in the United States—is not irrational. In Texas last year, an Egyptian-born father (still sought by authorities) is thought to have murdered his two daughters because they dated non-Muslim men. A few months later in Georgia, a Pakistani man told cops he strangled his daughter because she wanted out of an arranged marriage.

    Miss Bary’s case is different in that it involves a conversion, and has become entangled in a heated public debate about how Islam deals with apostates. According to Miss Bary and her supporters, those who say she’s in no danger from her family or other Muslims are being naive. Is it worth taking the risk, they ask, given that she is less than a year away from turning 18, when she would be free to decide for herself?

    In the end, Rifqa Bary’s case comes down to this: Will the Florida court find credible her statement that her father “said he would kill me. Or he’d have me sent back to Sri Lanka where they’d put me in the asylum”?


    Amanda’s mother has had primary custody over her daughter since she and Amanda’s father divorced 10 years ago. The father has had long-standing complaints about the effect of home-schooling on his daughter’s “socialization,” even though Amanda has already taken classes at the school and participated in extracurricular activities. But the order appears to be based on the guardian ad litem’s worry about Amanda’s “rigidity on faith.” The order also accepts the same guardian’s conclusion that Amanda belongs in a public school because she “would be best served by exposure to different points of view at a time in her life when she must begin to critically evaluate multiple systems of belief and behavior and cooperation in order to select, as a young adult, which of those systems will best suit her own needs.”

    In a state whose motto is “Live Free or Die,” this is an extraordinary line of reasoning. Just how extraordinary might best be appreciated by contemplating the opposite scenario: the reaction that would ensue were a court to order a young girl out of a public school and into an evangelical one so she might gain “exposure” to other “systems of belief.”

    In the next few weeks, courts will settle the fates of Amanda Kurowski and Rifqa Bary. In New Hampshire, Miss Kurowski’s case can still be put right. With the price for getting it wrong in Miss Bary’s case potentially so much higher, surely Florida’s Judge Dawson is right not to let himself be rushed into a decision.

    And more from the WSJ (hat tip Pamela):

    Sharia-Sanctioned Death Vs. Western Toleration
    Five thousand honor killings testify to the danger
    Nidra Poller, Wall Street Journal 

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