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These are some of the stories you won’t see on the mainstream media, with the possible exception of the first.  Get your news from lots of sources, converse with the smartest people you know and Stay AWAKE.
November 17, 2009

Breaking: Fox’s Major Garrett Interviews President Obama in Beijing Tuesday Night, Eastern Time

Fox News Channel’s Senior White House Correspondent Major Garrett will interview President Barack Obama in Beijing Tuesday night, Eastern time (Wednesday morning in Beijing).

Polite or servile? Respectful or simply weak? h/t Daniel Ruddy

The President is nearing the end of his eight-day swing through Asia with a host of issues on his plate, from non-proliferation, to climate change, to global economic imbalances.  Watch this space for updates and clips beginning early Wednesday morning, Eastern.


Nov. 14, 2009: The President bows as he is greeted by Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko as he arrives at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo (AP).


Major Tweets from a Twitterless country

For those who don’t subscribe to Major Garrett’s tweets – the Fox News Senior White House Correspondent was able to message his loyal tweeps the latest news from the statements made by Chinese President Hu and President Obama in real time, while he sat in the audience in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.  Why is that so special? As my colleague Kelly Chernenkoff noted in her blog yesterday, access to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have been blocked in China.  That access does not appear to restrict messages to those sites from people’s mobile devices.

President Obama told students at a Shanghai Town yesterday that although he’s never used twitter, he’s a big believer in technology and the free flow of information that it enables, “I think that the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable.”

Take a look at Major’s tweets from earlier: 

1. MajoratWH

Still, Obama say he supports China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. for chines hard-liners this is code for no movement on Tibet. about 5 hours ago from mobile web

2. MajoratWH

Obama mentions Tibet – says supports early dialogue w/Dali Lama…important b/c so far Obama had shied from Tibet issue in public about 5 hours ago from mobile web

3. MajoratWH

Obama say he told Hu abt “fundamental, universal human rights” and will move “discussion forwward in dialogue” next year. about 5 hours ago from mobile web

4. MajoratWH

Obama: if Iran doesn’t come clean on nuke program “there will be consequences.” about 5 hours ago from mobile web

5. MajoratWH

Obama” both sides will “take signicant mitigation efforts and stand behind these commitments” — greenhouse gas pollution about 5 hours ago from mobile web

6. MajoratWH

Obama notes China’s “move to a more market-oriented currency over time.” no specifics. about 5 hours ago from mobile web

7. MajoratWH

Obama says China’s growing economy brings “growing responsibilities.” about 5 hours ago from mobile web

8. MajoratWH

Obama up now: relats w/China “never been more important to our collective future.” about 5 hours ago from mobile web

9. MajoratWH

Hu says China wants 2 “appropriately resolve” Iranian nuke issue. mentions negotiations, not sanctions. about 5 hours ago from mobile web

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Glenn, O’Reilly announcement

The king of cable news dropped in on the radio program today for a very special announcement – Glenn and Bill are doing a series of special appearances together. The two talk about the tour and also about the important issues of the day, like, what should the name of the tour be? Check out the interview and get the tour details.  It’s time for the truth — straight up, whether you like it or not. Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck are teaming up and going on tour. Your town may never be the same.  (Transcript)

Keeping up with Obama

He’s been a busy guy this weekend – first, he had to delay plans for climate change action, even though he previously stated ‘delay is not an option.’ Then he had to bow down to another foreign leader, this time it was in Japan. And, for good measure, this lover of the Earth traveled around in China with a 71 car motorcade. Oh, it’s good to be King! Uh, President.

Arguing @ Berkeley

Glenn Beck and guest Kevin Crowder show how it’s turn around time on liberals, using their own words against them.

Alliance Alert Daily Digest

Daily Categorized Email Digest Archive – Alliance Defense Fund (ADF)
Online at:

20091116 Conservatives split over filibuster of Obama court pick
20091113 New Jersey bill to redefine marriage lacks votes to leave Senate Judiciary Committee
20091112 Maine churches threatened with IRS complaints for supporting marriage
20091110 N.Y. Senate Delays Vote on Bill to Redefine Marriage
20091109 NY Senate could vote on law to redefine marriage
20091106 12 Reasons The Cross Is Not A Violation of Freedom
20091105 Speaker Pelosi’s Government-Run Health Plan Will Require a Monthly Abortion Premium
20091104 Protect Marriage Washington: R-71 vote is extremely close, prayers urged
20091103 Washington: Ballots trickle in; King county’s target: 56%
20091102 3rd Circuit hands down precedent-setting abortion clinic “buffer zone” decision
20091029 This Is Your Brain Without Dad
20091028 Ariz. Supreme Court lets victory for children’s tuition program stand
20091027 ADF sues Milwaukee to halt harassment of pro-life advocates
20091026 61% of Air Force DADT dischargees are women
20091023 NY Gov. expects bill to redefine marriage to pass in coming weeks
20091022 Congress Approves Broadened Hate-Crime Measure
20091021 En Banc 9th Circuit denies review of Ariz. school tax credit case, lengthy concurring and dissenting opinions

2010 Race Spotlight: ILLINOIS

Many people believe conservatives will win a number of Senate races next year but few realize that we could also win the very Senate seat Barack Obama vacated to become president.

The race to fill the open seat in Illinois will likely be a contest between Democrat Alexi Giannoulias and the winner of the GOP primary between U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk and businessman Patrick Hughes. The Republican primary is February 2, 2010.

The Republican establishment in Washington has lined up solidly behind Kirk who for months has been seen as the best chance for a GOP victory. But a new poll shows Democrat Giannoulias with a 3-point advantage over Kirk. Political insiders still believe Kirk, who reported $2.3 million cash on hand at the end of September, still has the best chance of winning the seat for Republicans. But political insiders have been wrong before.

In 1998 for example, there was a competitive primary in Illinois. The GOP establishment rallied behind moderate Loleta Didrickson, the highest ranking Republican woman in the history of the state. She was defeated in the primary by Peter Fitzgerald, who everyone described as too conservative to win. Fitzgerald went on to defeat the incumbent, Senator Mosely-Braun.

Patrick Hughes is a newcomer to Illinois politics and has a steep hill to climb. According to a Nov. 7 story in the The Hill newspaper:

It’s not yet clear whether Hughes will have what it takes to upset Kirk, but the congressman’s recent tacking to the right on issues like cap and trade make it clear that he’s aware of his right flank. And this week’s revelation that Kirk has been lobbying for Sarah Palin’s endorsement is the clincher. Hughes, a developer, is fighting a battle (a la Rubio) to prove that he has a chance against a well-funded frontrunner, and getting over that hump will be key to his chances.

Should conservatives take a chance on Patrick Hughes or stick with the better-known Mark Kirk? You decide. Here are several links related to the race. Check them out and then vote in our Illinois Senate poll.

2010 Illinois Senate Race Poll
This online poll will close on Friday, Nov. 20, 2009.

Avoiding Doomsday Hype and Hysteria

by Gary DeMar, Nov 17, 2009

The doomsday film 2012 had a mega-weekend at the box office. It took in $225 million over a period of five days, a combination of $65 million domestically and $160 million internationally Wednesday through Sunday (Nov. 11–16, 2009). In anticipation of the hype and hysteria of the Mayan Calendar end-of-the-world scenario, Christians had their books ready for an answer. Mark Hitchcock, pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, is the author of 2012: The Bible and the End of the World. To his credit, Hitchcock offers a critical evaluation of the supposed Mayan prophecy. He even takes issue with the often used argument that the fig tree in Matthew 24:32 describes the reinstitution of the nation of Israel,[1] a point he made in his The Complete Book of Bible Prophecy.[2] In an interview for Christianity Today, Hitchcock said, “It’s the eschatology of the New Age. It’s basically a mystical, New Age belief system that I believe is spiritual deception. I want to take 2012 and bend the curve to God’s purposes, and use this as a springboard to tell people what the Bible says.”

Tim LaHaye, co-author of the multivolume, multimillion, multi-bestseller Left Behind series, offers a similar evaluation. He “believes the 2012 mania is distracting people from what the Bible predicts regarding the Rapture, Tribulation and Second Coming. ‘The date has been picked up by so many groups and cults that you have to conclude that someone or something inspired all these writers to come to essentially the same period—and that would be divination or spiritism,’ LaHaye says. ‘It’s probably satanic because there is nothing in the Bible about it. In fact, the Bible forbids us to even think about a day and an hour.’” But as we’ll see, it’s OK to think about what generation will see prophecy unfold.


Making predictions has been the stock and trade of prophecy writers like LaHaye. Of course, they don’t pick a specific date, but they use words like “pretty soon” and “within our lifetime.” If they didn’t make these concessions, their books would not sell. LaHaye’s co-author Jerry Jenkins even wrote a book with the title Soon: The Beginning of the End (2003). Not to be outdone, LaHaye has teamed with Craig Parshall to publish Edge of Apocalypse, an apocalyptic novel “with political intrigue ripped from today’s headlines, the first book in a new series called The End.” Don’t these guys know when to stop? Like those who are attracted to the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar, there is a steady stream of gullible Christians who know nothing about the failed predictions of some of their favorite Christian prophecy writers but are willing to shell out money for prophecy books that in the ned fail to deliver.New Testament scholar Ben Witherington writes, “The Mayans no more knew when the end would come than anyone else does. It’s time for theological weather forecasting to be given up entirely. Even TV weathermen predicting ordinary events are more accurate.” And this includes the “we know the generation” prophecy writers like LaHaye, Jenkins, Hitchcock, and Parshall.

Updates to the MSM:

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Obamanation Cops: “It ain’t America no more”

The increasing number of seemingly ‘offhand’ encounters happening at public gatherings that appear to challenge First Amendment Rights is beginning to concern several of us here at the clueless headquarters.  Let me encourage you to actually READ the Constitution and the first 10 amendments (called the Bill of Rights) on my Constitution Project page, then you can link here.  That way, you’ll actually KNOW if and when your rights have been disregarded or trampled.

American Vision has been vigilant in keeping an eye posted on these ‘engagements’ and posted a vid on Facebook/YouTube this evening.  Essentially a school rent-a-cop is perturbed that the demonstrator has a sign with an unflattering picture of the president and tells him to put it down or risk arrest for trespass.  There are several problems with this, however, as the demonstrator reveals.  Please ignore the YouTube comments as they are irreverent and foul; but the comments on the AV Facebook site are in line with this blogger and probably what you’re used to.  Wakey, wakey, dear friend…

Be sure to send this on to your circle of influence and add it to your ‘education of friends’ file.

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