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Several times during my InfoHound searches I’ll find interesting opinions on the web.  Here is such a pair from writer James Koerner, a man of many talents.  Do you think the gentleman correct?  Does he go far enough?  Can we use this as our clarion call to arise and demand the government address our grievances or cease and desist???

Obama Part I
September 23 at 3:16pm

Today President Obama made a scurrilous speech to the U.N. It was cloaked in deceptive language; part apologetic, part globalist, part Marxist, and part anti-Bush administration. And yet it was also anti-American. The man is clearly embarrassed by the success of our citizenry and industries over the breadth and depth of time this nation has been an independent republic.

It is with impudence to the history of this nation that Obama presents his effrontery as the all keeping seer of all things Marxist in his approaches to global matters of import and to the political workings of this nation. His daily mouthpiece, Robert Gibbs, displays his own disdain and lack of appreciation of the innate intelligence of the American people and treats the media as whining children. Especially those few, true journalists, who at times, make the perilous attempt to ask probing questions.

That the electorate as a combined whole in its’ majority chose to elect this banal man as the leader of this nation still causes pause and to ask the question, why? The sycophant whose leagues took to sanitizing his questionable pedigree, for which we have no verification upon which to determine his constitutionality to even accept his party’s’ nomination to the most honorable office. Let alone his contempt for the citizenry of who he now leads.

His anal cabal of elected office holder followers have taken to masking his inexperience by treading on the very fabric of this nation and the institutions so set up by its’ founders. The levying of unknown taxes through legislation so shielded in strict weight of numbers, forcing passage on this bile by contempt of legislators smacks of “Royal Treatise”, and, one may even see into the future and suppose, dictatorial tyranny. Of the later I am convinced will surely come as we watch in petrified horror as the Constitution of this Nation is ground into the dust of time and we are led as incompetent proletariat he so surely thinks, and believes, we are.

When one party has such a stranglehold on all the branches of government it leads to contempt for the very beliefs which have given us commonality of purpose and belief over the past two plus centuries. And contempt leads to outright corruption at all levels, a corruption which smells of the stench of tyranny and in time will lapse into a profanity the likes of which our citizenry have never experienced or seen. This man is no Caesar and we must throw the wolves of Hades from the door before it is too late.

This man and his minions have levied upon the remaining legislators stacks of impudent legislation designed, as is the Marxist strategy, to bury the very institutions under the weight of its’ own largesse and fully overwhelm the intellectual abilities of those chosen through duly elected procedures to evaluate, debate, and come to consensus on this matters.

To vote wily nilly to the whims of a man possessed by contempt for all things this nation stands for is beyond the realm of realistic thought and flutters into the abyss of self-obsessed belief in one’s own ‘god like’ inferior abilities. And then to pawn this off on the mass of citizenry, which have stood up and said “no”, is to spit in the face of right. A right which at some point will stamp its’ foot and grind the infidel into the night.

But to permit his indulgences cloaked in the notion that ultimately the plans and details are actually his lackeys and not his is but yet an additional effrontery on the intelligence of this citizenry. That we should be so effectuated in this pageantry of idiocy is beyond comprehension. We have seen the hidden A.C.O.R.N. master with his two cloven hands; Rham Emmanuel and David Axelrod. With their inherent linkage to S.E.I.U., the Black Panthers, and the remnants of the former, or is it?, S.D.S., they should all be hoisted on their own petards.

As the days, weeks, and months continue to unfold before our eyes I daresay we shall continue to be amazed at the rush to pass inane legislation over emboldened and competent discussion of what will be a financial travesty of spending beyond our wildest dreams, where future generations ten-fold plus will still be paying for nothing.

Obama Part II
September 24 at 5:38pm
This afternoon Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave an impassioned speech before the World community at the anti-Israel organization, which we all know as the United Nations (of Socialism).

Not only was his diatribe inspired, it showed courage to present in the face of President Obama’s nascent remarks of pro-Islam, anti-Israel speeches of late. To include his impudent remarks during his own buffoonery yesterday before this less than ‘august’ body of concerned socialists and Marxists, whose whole existence is to bring about redistributed wealth of individuals, nations, and corporations at the expense of the West? And to cajole it, into implacable apologetic unreasoning for not including inferiors, and less nations, in the renaissance and the enlightenment. That purpose, invention, business acumen, reasoning, advanced intelligence, art, and exploring should be cause for apology, defies the reason of learned and fastidious men; to whit Obama is not included in this classification. In part for his unwanted and obsequious throwing of Israel to the wolves yesterday, and for his implacable lies in demanding that Israel make peace with Hamas with no pre-conditions, except his naïve and imbecilic condition that Israel retreat to its’ 1967 borders. Thereby sealing its’ fate as being a crushed and defeated nation within months, as the Islamist Obama would most definitely support the marauders as they storm the gates of an ally.

That the citizenry of this nation should even allow such perversion of this country and allow an agent thereof, to so demean the greatness of what we are and stand for is beyond comprehension. With enraged speech we should as the greater whole of our sums throw this rogue imposter to a leader out the window as he so deserves. That this person is re-defining and re-writing our history for global/socialist/Marxist gains is against all that our citizenry has worked for since the beginning of the schism with Great Britain, which brought about our revolution from Monarchical rule, only to slip into the bile and imbecility of uneducated, uninspiring, tomfoolery and immorality of thought based on “change”, because all “change” means is creating him as dictator over a Marxist state. And this “change” shall surely come as the ‘imposter’ has so fastidiously stated in many formats that he and his assigns shall swamp the system with guile and force it to collapse upon itself, seeking him as the ‘saviour’ of our beloved citizenry.

That he and his assigns would embrace and give umbrage to Chavez, Castro, the leader of outcast Iran, Hamas, and the rest of the Islamic heretical groups has been but to kick the citizenry in the teeth, calling us fools for our belief in family, justice, and America. That we should laud the ‘imposter’ with applause and accolades, and for what? To what purpose of ours should this be given him? For this man has achieved little to nothing but aspiring to be loved as ‘divine’. And ‘divine’ for doing what? To what is he owed this purpose? They are but petards of self-obsessed obsequiousness. Not worthy to be called ‘men’ but are traitors to this nation, its’ Constitution, and most importantly, its citizenry.

Therefore he has earned the least of these designations, that of Benedict Arnold. And this alone is derived by his forethought of love and forbearance to those who specialize in warring bed linen for clothing and bowing to an illegitimate monarch, and praying to an infidel of an excuse for a lesser god. That he would cast upon the fires without dispersion our allies who have stood by us through the tests of time and war. For without them the viability of this nation would be greatly diminished.

And to what is owed the Media love-fest of congistulation which reviles all able bodied persons to have their stomachs revolt? Yet as feeble men do, they hang onto the oratory of inferiors and infidels in the misbegotten hope of eternal glee for the meager crumbs of neo-reality they receive. As lambs being led to the slaughter, they have sealed their fate to Hades in the inglorious accompaniment of children’s songs as they are unwantonly being indoctrinated in “ObaMarxist” thought in public, inferior, schools.

As the citizenry blinks the public schools are removing the thought processes from the minds of helpless children. And doing this without, are lack of concern, by their parentage, who either agree with this fallacy or have been beguiled by the NEA, the teachers, and the administrators as foolhardy and “ObaMarxist” ignorant and therefore lacking the requisite thought processes to be included in order to remove their children from them for the benefit of the “ObaMarxist”. This is the gift of fear, at least one of them. There are more. “Fired Up” chanting is another one. And he will use, to his less than great advantage, to at least placate his media minions’ the rest as the days and months ensue.

For he has brought a scourge upon us from which great struggle will be undertaken to remove us from the bowels of Hades. But in fairness this scourge began with another imposter to the great office who left preceding him. Though this one cloaked his incompetence with a shield of learned individuals, whose ambitions were not a detriment to our citizenry or nation as a whole, but only to its’ sustaining institutions, for a nation breaks down from the weight of obsequious thought and want, not from outside forces, lest it be a war of aggression from which that nation cannot fight and win.

The ‘imposter’ and his assigns have brought with them the sin of “cult of personality”, which falls under the seven deadly sins. By speech with forked tongue, less than quarter truth, inferior knowledge, lies, manipulation, messiah complex, and pictorial fanaticism. The citizenry is finally awakened by this impure league of fellows, whose only goal is to subjugate this nation to the whims of socialists from without. That he and his assigns have abandoned the Constitution is appalling enough to have him, and the rest of that festered rotten lot, removed.

For the days and hours are now drawing nigh when judgement comes to those who most assuredly deserve it. That this judgement will convene with cordiality is not a promise the enraged citizenry are apt to make. What it will do is signify a resounding opening to the conclusions of his belied fantasy of bucolic melancholy known as “ObaMarixism”. Moral turpitude aside, this administration of folly has begun, in its’ young tenure to run its’ course of years in lightening speed as it butts heads with the stern reality of it’s’ citizenry over more than international concerns of state. The empirical line has been drawn in the minds of concerned men over spending the treasury into oblivion, with a debt load, which never in real time can be paid. And throws onto to the backs of future generations’ taxation which will be cumbersome and exhaustive. This will surely kill the financial institutions of this nation and put upon us hyperinflation which will drain the individual coffers of it’s’ tax payers. That the less than honorable Senator Max Baucus is talking down conservative thought on his committee over “ObaMarxist healthcare” just lends to the ignominious truth that the ‘imposter’ is only concerned over ‘his’ desires despite what the majority of its’ citizenry truly are desiress (sic) of, and have even stated so in so many forums.

Prayerful tears of angst are being petitioned to God for relief and the Angels are marking the hour of a day in early November 2010 when the beginnings of the death knell blow will be delivered to the ‘imposter’ and his assigns, both in the executive branch and the legislative branch.
Obama Part III
September 30, 2009 at 3:20pm

The loquacious man is at it again. On Friday September 25, 2009, while attending the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, his apparent naiveté, inexperience, and lack of understanding of economics and financial affairs reared its ugly head again as he embarrassed himself and our nation. One must remember that French President Nicolas Sarkozy had already called him out as “a mere amateur”. In a further display of his penchant for naiveté, in his inglorious remarks to the fellows of the G20 he stepped in it when he proposed that the illegitimate, heretical regime of Satanist Islamic versus come clean on its’ nuclear arms program.

That he dares to think the Muslim faith allows for compromise in any area or thought that runs counter to their 9th century heresy is a bombastic belief in fairies and men of nefarious deeds. The Holy See in the past has called for ‘crusades’ to lead those of faith to freedom from the Satanist mob of Muslims, which in their ubiquitous endeavors are attempting to overrun and force an unwilling world into the unbearable heretical reaches of their cultish excuse for a religion. That this man is really ‘one of them’, and not of our combined abilities lets the farce of his ambitions sap from us the ability to stand up and call out the heretics for who they truly are.

In as much that on the 29th of September heretical Muslims are praying to their Satan on the mall in Washington, D.C. That our Nation’s capital has been reduced to this cabal of disbelievers, which runs anathema to the traditional values of this nation. This is a national disgrace, and apparent effrontery to our citizenry. And what makes this embarrassment more to swallow is that it is followed on the heals by that man disposing of an ally at the U.N. on the world stage like a mongrel dragging off with parts of the carcass of his kill. That ally which has been the guardian of eyes of the west on the evil doings of mongrel Muslim mob.

It is with extreme mortification and distress that these words of truth need to be stated. For it has saddened generations of others that there is no accomplishment in debate or negotiation with that infidel cult fostered by the warrior Mohammed and his illegitimate progeny. That this so-called “religion” built its’ following legions on the threat of the sword leads all men to believe and know true that there are no redeeming characteristics for its very existence except the imminent threat of death. And with this that man is attempting to negotiate? Yes, for he has been brought up amongst the mongrels, eats their gruel, and steeps in the stench of their cult.

Now we hear the news that the insidious Cap-N-Trade bill will likely pass the Senate on the 30th of September or by the latest the 1st of October. Hailed as a miracle ‘green’ cure to our energy problems by the rebuked hoard of spend all Senators of the Socialist party, ne ObaMarxists. That this Nation should be forced to descend into the bowels of crippling debt and hyperinflation for delusions of this man and his mentally challenged anal hoards in congress has left the majority of this nation wanting for relief. But the factors to provide the relief do not inhabit the hallowed halls justice at this time. And the citizenry is to be faced with more, much more, of this arduous nonsense and pain for at least another 15 months. While the ObaMarxist himself makes an unimpassioned plea to allow the 2016 Summer Olympics to take place in that dirty rotten scandal ridden political city of Marxist sympathizers and ObaMarxist anal lickers Chicago.

And for want of this? Ah but to raise the love-fest of the individual to a level exceeding that of the murderous Stalin, for it is he the man wants to supplant as the ultimate sycophant. All at the duress of the citizenry and against their united dissent does he continue his nefarious acts of national subterfuge? But to bleed this Nation into the 3rd World demagoguery for they have no allegiance to it, but only to, but not to be admitted the Satanist Islamic cause of end times.

Under one more year of the ObaMarxist spending whip this Nation will be under the heels of decades of financial oppression from which its’ ability to recover will be negligible. National debt will also be coupled with unemployment rates quite possibly as high as 20 per cent. These detrimental rates had been delegated to the pages of history and have not surfaced at these levels since 1937 when the unemployment rate fell back to 18 per cent for the first time since 1930. Does the citizenry want to repeat these debilitating halcyon days? Will we need to expend this time an entire generation to pull us from this abyss in the form of a major international war? It seems that this too is part of the ObaMarxist endgame for it will rely on this same citizenry to cry out amongst the horror of it all clamoring for the infidel to take the mantel of dictatorial powers to “see us through” to the “ultimate change”.

Good must triumph over evil in any form. The concerned citizenry will have to ensure that the deeds of this man are slowed as the first day of reckoning approaches. For at this time they must united scream out “no more change, because we can’t live with it”. And how does the citizenry make this happen? We all know by supplanting his minions in the ballot box and electing those which we know will apply the ultimate pressure to stop the juggernaut of ObaMarxist spending for Socialism sake. It is imperative that this be done and over the past few months concerned citizenry has speaking out loud and in numbers which are of great concern to the ObaMarxists. So concerned are they that they have retreated behind the camera lens of the love-fest banal Media to whom they owe their seats. For the vagabonds have no shame and could care less what to them are their ignorant supporters, too concerned with the ‘trivialities’ of life than to keep a watchful pose on what these ObaMarxist lackeys are truly up to.

As days, weeks, and months go by we are forced at every turn to listen to the licentious discords of the ObaMarxist media. So consumed are they in the delusion of savior that common sense, reality, and vocal concerns of the populace have passed them by like a tornado blowing through the mid west. Their collective soul so self absorbed into the depths of that man’s anus as to cause us such wrenching stomach pains. For they too will see the ‘rectifier’ soon when the final question is cast upon them, “what have you wrought upon the minds of these citizens to cause such anger”?

And into the rabble of the flay Mrs. ObaMarxist enters the stage as a requestor of games city purveyor hoping for a positive vote. And to accompany her is the diminutive Oprah WinMarxist herself. Why you ask? Because WinMarxist stands a great financial windfall as her organization will be handling most of the planning and projects for this most inglorious games to be. Stamped in the stench of the ObaMarxists. But it is not gentlemanly here to call her out for the Marxist she so surely is, for she is treading in the bile of the dripping hands which so enable her man to be put in the great office, like a monkey dancing to the tune of the organ grinder of the radicals of Chicago. Those radicals, which would have brought this nation to its knees almost 40 years ago by bombing its institutions and spreading vile contempt for us at every possibility. And to revel in it by foisting that nefarious man onto the national stage. That they have not been punished for their traitorous acts of subterfuge is an abomination against us all.

We are to heed the arrogance of this man who speaks of but dictate to elected officials of both the House and Senate. As if they all owe their seat as an allowance of his compassion upon them to let them have it as his gift. This is not what this nation is built upon and by all concerned should never be. For its citizenry has never allowed by elected fiat that man, or any other President, to claim it as his own for his own purposes. These purposes which so smear the constitution as to make it unreadable is his lackeys are wont to do for their own pleasure in loving the ObaMarxist and his ‘biblical’ ascension into his delusional presidential heaven. And his ilk have been doing this for years as preparation for their “savior to come” by decrying God and humiliating the Judeo – Christian heritage of our citizenry and nation. For Socialism/Marxism cannot prevail in an openly Christian nation. It is anathema to it.

For it is diabolically opposed to licentious and ‘god-like’ repose of the venomous vile of Socialism/Marxism.

The days and hours are coming upon us like a mad storm of fury where this man will demand vociferously that he requires dictatorial powers to heal the nation of the ills his ilk have brought upon us. And his minions will yell out “yes you can” while the duped media love-fest swoons on bended knee calling for granting him carte blanche in his evil and pervasive endeavors. But take heed my fellow citizens for this shall be the final death knell of his illegitimate A.C.O.R.N. induced administration.


Printed with permission of the author.

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