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Conservative Activist Toolkit (Excellent) – From The Conservative Caucus


Public Action

Comprehensive Guide to Holding a community forum

How to Organize Effective Demonstrations

Hold Them Accountable-Public View




How to Get Your Op Eds Noticed and Published

How to Get on Talk Radio

How to Organize a Press Event


Effective Interaction with Government and Media

How to Conduct an Effective Grassroots Lobbying Effort




Grassroots Movements – A Field Guide

Grassroots Wilt-do’s and don’ts


Call Congress; Contact info:


Freedom of Information Letter generator – helps you
create a request letter, appeal and more!



  1. Universal Mandated Healthcare Insurance will have the side effect of insuring that all persons will have Universal Mandated Healthcare.
    Bridi da Costa’s plight bore terrible similarities to last fall’s shocking case of a Brooklyn mother, Tabitha Mullings, who lost her hands and legs to gangrene caused by a bacterial infection.
    The model’s ordeal made international news after an ordinary illness turned into a life-and-death battle with a bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa that raced through her veins.
    Bridi da Costa first visited doctors in late December and, like Mullings, was initially diagnosed with kidney stones.
    She was transferred to a hospital on Jan. 3 in what is known as septic shock, during which the infection caused irreparable tissue damage.
    Doctors made the decision to amputate her hands and feet in what proved to be a futile effort to bring the rampant infection under control.

    Comment by Leo Corion | February 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. Matthew 12.25-26
    “Every Kingdom divided against itself shall be laid waste, … … … and if Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself; how, then, will his kingdom stand?

    Kept within the bosom of the Lodge.

    “Our Founding Fathers predicted the inevitable demise of their republican form of government, which is presently upon us: ‘It takes time, observed John Jay, to make Sovereigns of Subjects and for them to realize that the government is their own.’
    ‘The Republic will degenerate into a democracy with the politicians promising largess and the people voting their own self-interest,’ quipped Madison.
    ‘The lawyers will get into Congress to manage the Constitution, license paper money and pillage the treasury,’ remarked Amos Singletary.
    ‘The Supreme Court judges, ignorant of its historical setting, will be unable to interpret the Constitution and the original intent of its provisions; and there will arise a two-party system, divided along economic interests, leading to deadlock as the public good is disregarded in the conflict of rival parties,” opined Madison. Re: The Federalist Papers, en essentia.

    Comment by Leo Corion | December 10, 2009 | Reply

  3. MAXIMUS HOMO: The Grand Man.

    MAXIMUS HOMO defines: “… … … new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, … … … “ ~The Declaration of Independence.

    As our Founding Fathers envisioned it!

    When we speak of a form of government; no one thinks of any external or visible shape, but of the nature and adjustment of the various parts composing the government, and by means of which it is administered. A person who reads and understands our constitution or organic law of the State, sees therein its form of government. We speak, also, of the form of society in a particular nation; and by this is meant the nature and relation of the several parts composing such society, the nature and arrangement of its social, industrial, commercial, educational, artistic, moral, and religious elements. Again, we speak of the form of a government; and by this we mean the character, connection, order, subordination, etc., of its various functionaries, the mode of their appointment, and their respective duties.
    When it is said, therefore, that our government is in the human form, the meaning is that it is in human order; that all its parts, or all the innumerable societies of which it consists, are so arranged and adjusted as to express most perfectly the truly human principles which constitute the essential spirit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.. In other words, the relation, mutual dependence, and intercommunication of the societies composing the whole, and the uses they respectively perform, correspond to those existing among the various organs of the human body and their respective uses. One is a perfect type or representative image of the other body.
    It should appoint its wisest and best men to preside over its interests, because every one is aiming to subject himself to the government of the highest good and truth. And so the form or order of that community becomes more and more human. All its corporate acts express more and more faithfully the human thoughts and feelings with which the minds of its individual members are imbued. Such community is in the human form, therefore, just so far as the individual minds composing it are human.
    The moment one ceases to do its work, or appropriates more that its share of the juices elaborated, or more than it needs to fit it for the performance of its appointed use, that moment comes disease to itself and disease to all the rest. And if it persevere in this abnormal course, sooner or later death inevitably ensues.
    Notwithstanding there exists authority and obedience, there is nothing like tyranny on the one hand or slavishness on the other. There must be perfect freedom.

    Comment by Leo Corion | December 10, 2009 | Reply

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