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Send Your Senator a Pink Slip!

WorldNetDaily is sponsoring a program to send Pink Slips to every Senator in Washington. (hat tip Soldier for Liberty)
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November 17, 2009
Voters send their reps a message with mail-in campaign  
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One suggestion from a YouTube commentor:

Instead of paying for the service, just downloaded a few free forms from pinkslipsforcongress and moveoutcongress and faxed them to my reps.  One of them reads,”It’s time to pack up and come home”. 

Soldier’s (Desiree Paquette) suggestions for free ways to let your non-representing Reps know how you feel are worthwhile:

[W]e present two alternatives here:Diana Wingfield has come up with a black and white version in Word, that can be printed in black ink, 2 to a page. Just buy pink paper, which you may download here: DianasPinkSlip.doc

Ken Lowder, came up with a .PDF version which can be printed on  postcard stock, available at your office supply, 4 per side, which you may download here: pinkfront.pdf        pinkback.pdf

Here are the original 6 image files in a .ZIP file which has a front and back file for each format and a Word file with the entire Congressional snail mail database. Post

Congressional traditional mail database:  Congressional mailing and phone list.doc

Lastly, for those who may not be able to afford postage, or those who find it simpler to email their members, I have included an email version for you here. You have my permission to cut and paste this into an email. Here is the Congressional email address list which also has the fax numbers in case you wish to communicate the pink slip in that way:


Go ahead and ReTweet her message on Twitter as well so it can continue to go viral:

Pink Slip CONGRESS free/email- Tell them they vote yes- they’re gone!  
#teaparty #handsoff #glennbeck #iamthemob #ocra

Be sure to read Desiree’s blog and then check out to learn about Health care rationing,  Constitutional Conundrums and more!

Send Your Senator a Pink Slip!:

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  1. Thanks, but I’ll stick with the GOA and NRA tools.

    Comment by Patrick Sperry | November 19, 2009 | Reply

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